ryanbuellisademon says:

such a beautiful collection!!

Linda Collazo says:

Love your jewelry! I too have a fine jewelry collection video! Would love it if you check it out❤️

Anjelyn says:

lol I don’t care how she says the name- I can’t imagine wearing a cute baby cow on my wrist, everything else is stunningly gorgeous though

natalieposts07 says:

Givency IS pronounced gee-van-chee

MsRaconteur says:

Get over yourself. At least I’m doing a hell of a lot more than bitching about someone’s pronunciation of a fashion label. I think you’re pretentious.

heliotaupe says:

Donna, you can try attaching the Chanel necklace onto a bag as a bag chain/charm! You might need to ask the jeweler to attach larger clasps onto either end of the necklace, but it could be more versatile that way!

Adriana says:

shey- vahn- shay = GIVENCHY

Cattitude Brown says:

I love your wallpaper!!

Gen'kalovesmakeup says:

You are adorable, it’s funny to me how most people keep the original box of stuff and like the boxes while I just chuck evening into a jewelry box. I’m suprised you have so few Chanel pieces since you work there lol I would so be hoarding the new collection as it comes in lol then again I work to shop and most people actually pay bills. Don’t pay any attention to the mean comments they are just from ugly people or some guys that just see you and wish they could date you lol keep the videos coming. Tfs.

123345kcdsa says:

How much were the chanel earings?

Stephanie Palmadesso says:

Beautiful collection. Thx for sharing

Kaneza cherie says:

no rings?

TheCHF92 says:

your wallpaper is fantastic 🙂

Dasha Dostanko says:

The necklace could make a pretty quirky belt:)

Nichola Matthews says:

pure cow? well you’re a good person. note my sarcasm.

J P. says:

Keep the necklace. Thanks for sharing.

Brandon Skerritt says:

Or D for DICK

MsRaconteur says:

How is that pretentious exactly…? I like fashion, but I’m not as much of a douche bag as you to insult someone just because of pronunciation. In your opinion, not correctly pronouncing some fashion labels is “not okay” – as if it’s some huge sin. A million comments…? Wow, you must’ve done some major counting. I just counted one, but my math must be off by quite a bit obviously.

BiteMeXD says:

And you are not pretentious by clicking on this video clearly about designer labels. I’m sure by saying “a hell lot more that you are doing” means sitting on your lazy ass in front of the computer replying to a million comments just to invoke some sort of reaction.

Nesh Nasheri says:

I have the chanel studs love them so much

blissful828 says:

Love your collection – especially the watch and the gold earrings 😀

Lewis M says:

I love your collection, so classic and timeless. You remind me of Karlie Kloss!

123345kcdsa says:

How much were the chanel earings?

May May says:

Lovely jewelry! So classy.


This girl is bae AF

millybells says:

Keep the necklace as it is ,love it x

cyberwatchcafe says:

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Lisa Delantro says:

The way she said Givenchy is right ! i’m french and i can tell it was right so stop telling her how to pronounce it ! -.-

siamyst says:

Great collection!!! Subscribed 🙂

Airka97 says:

I agree…great collection! Very good taste! Really enjoy watching collection videos.

Lilys Lovely says:

You kept saying “I dont know”.. Kinda funny though..

neoarcadezr says:

my friend has a Tiffany necklace for her cat

HTCFAN HTCforever says:

If you guys love real, expensive jewelry you should also check this channel out (:

BiteMeXD says:

And why the hell does it matter for you to reply a comment posted by someone without a life? If you think fashion labels are pretentious, perhaps you should be watching these types of videos. More importantly, if you’re so busy trying to solve bigger “problems” around the world, why don’t you spend some of your useful time replying on going to Africa or donating your salary?

SweetCinnamonDreams says:


Ivan Bryans says:

your teeth the way it sits behind those beautiful lips,
lipstick stains on the cup with every little sip,
right next to you, i’m trying to hide my heart beat,
every tick, i can feel the heat
i need to get on my feet
but i wish this moment would sit

ps. just trying to compliment your beautiful teeth and the way it sits behind your also beautiful lips, but i guess that was pretty self-explanatory.  

Jasmin Rain says:

You are gorgeous & so lady-like.

Mayah le says:

love the Chanel watch! what’s the name or style number>?

Christina Marie says:

Gorgeous collection! Love all those Chanel pieces, and those classic Chanel earrings especially 🙂 I have the same ones and they’re so versatile & classy 🙂

mAiAnA says:

It’s not carti- AIR, it’s carti- AY.

Lewis Blewitt says:

she said Givenchy right stop trying to correct her

jinn erika says:

I thought january jones have a youtube channel looking at you.haha!you are very beautiful 🙂

terrierf3496 says:

Jeez I cant help but think daddy is rich:)you are so cute but would be high maintenance but probably we worth it

Javon K says:

I’m loving the Versace bed set !

MsRaconteur says:

Honestly, why the hell does it matter? I really hate people like you – there’s so much bigger shit going on in the world, but you’re too busy criticizing someone you don’t know for not pronouncing some pretentious fashion labels correctly to give a shit. Get a life.

Khulood Janahi says:

I miss this channel

Zara James says:

Stunning hair and makeup!!! Nics collection 🙂 …
Makes me miss this hair style I had too 🙁 … Seems men prefer long – but WOW looking at yours it’s enough to make me want to run to chop mine off!!

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