Jewelry Haul: Theresa Mink necklace + dainty rings

Hello! Do you prefer statement or dainty pieces? Let me know!

Watch Nettie’s reveal/review of the Theresa Mink necklace!

Items mentioned and their links
Theresa Mink’s easy shop

Taobao seller

Love ring from Taobao:

Love ring

Thank you for watching!


Calista Ng says:

I love your vidz as always.
That is a super nice necklace from Theresa Mink. Im trying to purchase it. How long is your necklace? Do you usually wear it as a single loop or double?

Justtoomuch says:

i have rs 30 jewelry haul video on my channel please do watch and subscribe if you find the content good it will help alot.. Tysm

kelli loves3 says:

Omg gorgeous!! Love the simplicity’s of the jewelry

Tianyi Liu says:

Hi Sherin,very nice video as usual! I saw from your Instagram you have a really pretty diamond love ring, did you also get that online or in the store? If online, would you mind to share where did you purchase it please? Because when I google love ring there are lots of shopping website carry that ring, I m not sure which one should I go with… Thank you very much for great videos^^

S KY says:

sherin how Long is the first necklace?

Norliza Shah says:

Your necklaces are so beautiful and I’m sure they last a long time. Oh, your daughter is so cute. She is beyond adorable and beautiful like her mommy. I want to squeeze her until her cheeks pop. She’s definitely a spitting image of you. Can’t wait to see more pictures of you and her together.

Alexandria Burns says:

Lovely jewelry haul. I would love for you to view my online jewelry store. Feel free to view my website and share with others.

kcbanana93 says:

the sites for the rings are in chinese….which i can’t read…can you please tell me how much they are and also how does the sizing work

Farhee 2003 says:

Luvly jewellery. I love your bangles. Where did you buy those? I also have a small wrist and would love to buy them.

Joy Chua says:

Love the rings! Please do a taobao haul if you buy from them soon 🙂 p.s always look forward to your videos!

Sara Tai says:

You are adorable

Javier Octavio Solís Alvarez says:

Do you think the Theresa Mink necklaces will tarnish???

Rinie G says:

Very helpful! I have picked up some from her etsy store and came across your vid. I am glad i purchased the same necklace from her. So pretty! Im ur new subbie!

Ac041110 says:

Can you do a bag collection video?

The World According To Lisa says:

nice haul x

Kattya Mendieta says:

I love everything in that haul omg I’m dying! I’ve been checking that kind of rings for a while but I’m worried about the quality, usually when get them locally they tarnish within hours Dx. How did yours work out? Did you have to coat them in clear polish?

kelli loves3 says:

I love the sounds of your babies!! So cute

Eunice Li says:

what’s the brand and name of the nail polish!!!!! I tried marc jacobs atmosphere beige but couldn’t find it…

Fiona Low says:

The mink neck laces is it gold or the plated one?

lovies2002 says:

What size is your gold link chain? Is it the pure gold one she sells or gold filled one? Thank you

xMaddnesx says:

i want some rings too! hee!

strawberriesncandii says:

The necklaces look so feminine and cute.

Monica Wong says:

its beautiful…

ally h says:

omg the necklaces are so beauty!! i want to order the disc necklace but i cant find the extender. how can I get it ? xoxo

Tianyi Liu says:

Hi Sherin, thank you so much for your replying, it is very helpful. I don’t know why I cannot reply you on iPad, hope you can see this one:)) xoxoxo

CapeCodBelle says:

Such pretty things! I liked hearing Seth in the background!

E Smith says:

If you lightly spray them with Rustoleum crystal clear spray paint, they won’t tarnish 🙂

Li Shan says:

OMG the rings are so cute :):)

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