Luxury Jewelry Collection & Storage

My organization tips and storage solutions for my jewelry collection. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, and rings! Includes precious gold, silver, diamond and pearl jewelry as well as costume pieces. Open for more info…

Brands mentioned:

Tiffany & Co
Barbara Bixby
Ralph Lauren
House of Harlow

My Tiffany Lookbook:

My blog:

Instagram: elleflorence
Twitter: elle_florence


Alyce Rose says:

Hi Elle, I love all your videos. Do you know what size your pearls are on the necklace of your tiffany ball & chain. Do you happen to know what type of pearl they are as well? I couldn’t locate this information on your tiffany look book video. Thank you

Mini Mazumdar says:

Wow, all of these pieces and only one from a man! You are such a girl boss, good for you! I too, am an avid collector especially of Tiffany diamonds, they are so worth it! You have a lovely collection 🙂

Heather Forrest says:

your collection is great and elegant!

Emily Johnson says:

Nice collection but u should clean it . It would be much nicer

Maricar Valiente says:
Hilda Castro says:

Hey internet? = unlike!!

Demi Mailbox says:

Hi Elle!
Love your videos.
Could you please do a business meeting outfit video?

Kala Dwarakanath says:

Consider renting a safe deposit box for some of your very expensive pieces? Just a suggestion!

MakingMyselfGreatAgain says:

Would you be interested in seeing my collection? I can make a video.

Kala Dwarakanath says:

Be careful displaying your valuable jewelry collection on the Internet. There are folks out there who can somehow obtain your personal info. including your address!

TheJohnsons says:

Where did you get this armoire?

BellamyBlue says:

What a beautiful collection.  I am also a jewellery lover and it’s so fun to see someone else’s collection and the stories behind each piece.  You have lovely taste.

mrs Brown says:

l love my jewellery collection which my husband bought me from the jewellery shop’s

wolfy0292 says:

A woman after my own heart!!! I just subscribed to your channel, because i share your passion for fine jewlery and investing in quality. Lots of love!

Iris vv says:

I absolutely love your collection! 🙂 I am thinking about buying something from Tiffany & Co, but I am debating between a few pieces. What would you suggest to buy for the first time? A necklace or a bracelet? Love from the Netherlands!

AL Eshem says:

I have been collecting James Avery and now starting on my Tiffany’s. Love your stuff!!!

ablurida says:

I’ve learned a lot from this video: the different types of pearls, their prices and the fact that I love them in any shape and colour, and also that apparently I don’t like Tiffany’s very much :p

Chris Harrison says:

I was disappointed with House of Harlow also.

Roger Stout says:

By the way never shower and sleep in your jewelry it can be damaged

Rita Roque says:

I have the same Fresh-Water pearl necklace! Europeans don’t joke around when it comes to baby jewelry! 😉

ReinventingMoi says:

hi can you like the seller of the diamond hopes? thank you.

diego goldstein says:

hi can u make an update jewelry collection ? love it !!

maya mcqueen says:

Probably the best jewelry collection I’ve see on YouTube !!

kim wakefield says:

I like jewelry call me 2197026086

Jacqueline Sin says:

Love this video <3 I really appreciate nice jewellery (because of my mother and my grandfather - who used to work in the diamond industry!) and have admired my mom's fine jewellery collection since I was a kid 🙂 You are so lucky to have inherited the beautiful strand of Mikimoto pearl necklace <3 I would love to purchase my own strand one day 🙂 xx

death cross says:

She has so old jewelry

C.K. June says:

loved you jewellery colletion. the necklace you are wearing is gorgeous.

Ria Banerjee says:

love your collection!

Karen Ellison says:

Your pearl drop earrings and the Ralph Lauren turquoises necklace, are my favorites that you showed.  That jewelry box that you bought is pretty.  The first thing I notice about it is its the Tiffany Blue.  Its perfect for your jewelry storage.  You have some beautiful pieces.  Happy jewelry shopping.

Les perles de Diamanda says:

Lovely collection !!

Sophie J says:

You passed the bar exam?? DANG!! Good job!

Kala Dwarakanath says:

Lovely collection! What you are wearing for this presentation will look stunning worn with a black or white dress. Don’t you agree?

Here I am says:

do check out my collection of Indian and Western earrings on my channel. 🙂 🙂

Khadijah Eadie says:

So pretty. I like the candy one.

fabfashionista13 says:

I studied jewellery too i’m so jealous of your collection my grandma and mom are also collectors…she’s given me a bit of jewellery since i was a kid and i loved them so much i studied jewellery design…just subscribed to ur channel after watching this and your handbag collection video.. so jealous 🙂

John Bonilla says:

love love your jewelry collection!

Jonathan Thomas says:

You’re eyes are the real jewels

Andry M says:

Beautiful collection! congrats 🙂
Wondering where did you get the tiffany blue jewelry box?

Blair Woofdorf says:

I know this was only done a year ago but if you have new jewelry I would love to see a new jewelry haul. This is probably my most watched video I am just as picky as you are with jewelry.

Linda Collazo says:

Love your collection! I also have a fine jewelry collection video on my chanel would love it if you’d check it out❤️

dasha wilson says:

Where did you get the mirrored finish bedside table?

mrs Brown says:

my collection is jewellery and cherish teddy bears, my son collection is books and cards and videos of dr who and DVD, my husband collection is watches

Shoppersfeed Store says:

love this video. i think it is a biggest collection of jewellery. i also know #shoppersfeed, they have a great collection. you can try here

Amira Oural says:

Hi where did you buy your jewelry storage please?

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