All of my everyday pieces, where I like to buy jewelry, how to layer pieces together and a giveaway!

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Items Mentioned:
Bracelet I’m Wearing:
Sam n Sue Wedding Rings:
Gold Ball Chain
MF London Ball Chain Necklace:
MF Ball Chain Bracelet:
MF Ball Chain Ring:
Jennifer Zeuner Snake Choker:
Jennifer Zeuner Diamond Choker:
Jennifer Zeuner Gold Hoops:
Jennifer Zuener Name Ring:
Etsy Gold Hoops:
MF Alex Chain:
MF Charms for Alex Chain:
Baublebar Black Choker:
Baublebar Brown Choker:
Baublebar Crystal Choker:
Baublebar Sparkly Crystal Choker:
Baublebar Pom Pom Earrings:
Baublebar Marble Monogram Necklace:
Tiffany Diamonds by the Yard Necklace
MF Crystal and Gold Necklace:
MF Square Chain Choker:
MF Classic Chain Choker:
MF Dainty Gold Chain Choker:
MF Long Lariat Necklace:

Use code Alex at to get 10% off and FREE US Shipping

Canon 80D:
30 mm lens:

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Amber Arambula says:

Where is the cardigan from in the thumbnail

Lisa Om says:

Loving all the jewelry!!

Mayra Cortez says:

What brand is your white tee??

Jeny Carbajal says:

Do you have discount for the Jennifer zuner ring?????

Leo On the Go says:

use all of your jewerly now, cuz with little kids it´s impossible, specialy big earings. just until they are like 2 or 3 you can start wearing them again

Merie says:

How do you keep the dainty necklaces from tangling all together?? I have some but they always get tangled…I’d love to know your technique 🙂

Keto Rose says:

I know you’ve become successful by being so professional and put together but I LOVE this side of you!! Real, raw, “out of breath” pregnancy you is so adorable!!

adrieneceleste says:

I freakin LOOOOOVE those Miranda Frye necklaces!!!!!!!!!!! Great video!!!!!

Arielle Griffin says:

My husband surprised me with the Diamonds by the Yard necklace from Tiffany for our 5 year anniversary this year. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I’ve had it on my list since I first saw it on you!

Jessica Mai says:

I literally am so obsessed with Miranda Frye! She has such good quality items!!!

Hannah Cox says:

Thank you for all the great ideas! I love your style. Can you do one about keeping jewelry nice and how you store your jewelry? Ohhh a jewelry collection! Love all your videos!

Thrifty Shopper says:

Nice to see how to wear different jewelry pieces. TFS

Tim Cook says:

I really enjoyed this cause i koke jewelleries too.

M NAV says:

I just want to say, I’ve been thinking about it since I saw this video almost a year ago and today I finally purchase my Alex necklace from Miranda Frye. Getting it in a couple of days. I can’t wait!!!

Dayana Garcia says:

The necklaces looks so beautiful with your skin tone

Maura Kane says:

Check our Mejuri! They have such dainty hoops and basics I think you would love it

Dee Lopez says:

Great ideas…Thanks!!

Evey Love says:

So happy this video was made!!! Love your jewelry layering and will be purchasing them one at a time and build my collection.

By the way, you are glowing! Pregnancy suits you. You look so beautiful, always do but definitely see a glow. Can’t wait for baby Michael or Alex to be here.

L H says:

Girl. I lose my jewelry all the time and then find them and re-obsess lol

yumnaamjad amjad says:

Jewellery goals

Justine Kaesler says:

Yay I’ve been waiting for this video I absolutely love the way you style your jewelry! I’ve also found myself gravitating toward the more dainty and minimal styles as opposed to the whole statement trend that was in a few years ago. I loved the chatty style of this video too it felt very personal! xox.

Monica Cortez says:

looking to purchase from miranda fry… but does it tarnish?

Varshe Demps says:

Hey what material is the name ring! Love that piece I looked on the website and its either gold vermeil or the 14k price difference is crazy tho

Samantha Guy says:

i’ve been wanting a name ring like that for the longest!!!

Kelsey McTague says:

Alex, where is this t-shirt from? I’m looking for a great basic tee. P.S. Keep coming back to this video hehe I love the suggestions!

Jasna says:

Love your videos so far! It was funny to see you talk about the name ring, they were the biggest thing when i was in middle school in Lynn, MA.

KeepdreamingBlondie says:

So pretty jewelry ! Where does your white simple shirt come from ? I love it !

Lindsey says:

No bracelets?

Leah Odom says:

your skin is glowing!!!

Jessica Carbon says:

Love this video! And where is your shelving unit from?

maybemommy says:

Wondering why you didnt choose a traditional diamond?

Grace Walker says:

You should look into Safia jewelry! It is pricey, but it is beautiful.

Sara Smith says:

can you wear the miranda frye necklaces in the shower?

JaJa1023 says:

I love that those name rings are back in style! My parents got me one for Christmas 10 years ago and thankfully I still have it!

Selma C says:

You have the BEST and most simple yet beautiful jewelry collection. Got the necklace with the balls and I love it!

Heidi K says:

Beautiful jewelry you shared with us.Loved what u have.

Vividly Kafi says:

I love these pieces! Thank you for sharing especially the costume pieces. Traditionally I only do authentic gold! But I will definitely check out Miranda Fry! Just beautiful!

Kelsey McTague says:

Ah I love every one of those, dainty is definitely my style too so I have so many good choices now! Also completely agree with GradysMom how I loved loved loved how casual this was filmed! Really does just feel like we’re sitting in your living room hanging out 🙂 For an upcoming video idea, can you do a makeup dos and donts comparing two sides of your face?? I would love to see that and learn proper application! <3

Mayra Cortez says:

Where did you get you white top?? I’ve been looking for a nice simple white tee!!❤️

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