Showing you my updated jewelry collection in today’s video. Dainty necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets.
Hope you enjoyed & thank you so much for watching!

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– S O C I A L –



– L I N K S / D I S C O U N T S –

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– T H I N G S M E N T I O N E D –

Jewelry stackable box
Jewelry travel pouch from amazon
Shell jewelry dish from etsy (coastalkelder shop)

Rings on me:
Engagement ring (custom made)
on middle finger: see precious jewelry collection video. (I staked the mejuri twist ring with two catbird nyc hammered rings)
On other middle finger: mejuri opal ring (no longer available)
Pamela Card Veritus Aequitus necklace with 22 inch chain
Pamela Card PHAISTOS PLANE NECKLACE 18 inch chain

Necklace hooks from the container store
J Hannah bar necklace
J Hannah dainty necklace (no longer available)
Mejuri ray necklace (get discount with link above)
Mejuri halo necklace (get discount with link above)
Mejuri zodiac necklace (get discount with link above)
Cinco necklace
Hrh collection tattoo choker
Hrh collection pearl choker
Hrh collection ball detail chain
Madewell long chain (old)
Hrh collection lariat necklace
Etsy wire choker (old)
Pd Paola ring small diamond ring
Pd Paola open ring (similar)
Mejuri 360 ring (get discount with link above)
Pd Paola black stud open ring
Silver mejuri open ring ( no longer available)
Mejuri initial signet ring (get discount with link above)
Mejuri ear cut (get discount with link above)
Mejuri Evil eye ring (get discount with link above)
Mejuri Star signet ring (get discount with link above)
mejuri thin dome ring (get discount with link above)
Somme studio gold hoops (old)
Mejuri boyfriend ring (get discount with link above)
Henri bendel cuff
Coordinates collection legend cuff
Madewell cuff (no longer available)
Evil eye bracelet from a random kiosk at mall
Daniel wellington cuff
Madewell cuff (old)
Mejuri boyfriend bracelet (get discount with link above)
Machete tortoise shell earrings
Mango link earrings (old)
Etsy clear lucite earrings rtcvintage shop
Haati chai twist earrings (sold out) (similar)
Somme studio oval hoops (old)
Mejuri editor hoops (get discount with link above)
Princess polly coin earrings (old)
In a perfect world Scarlett earrings
In a perfect world azrou earrings
In a perfect world Caesar earrings
Hello baleen black flaunt earrings
Hello baleen kawaii frost earrings
In a perfect world Ava earrings
In a perfect world casper earrings
In a perfect world Daria earrings
Princess polly brown earrings (old) (similar)
In a perfect world Nanna earrings
Mejuri dome hoops (get discount with link above)
Mejuri bold hoops (get discount with link above)
In a perfect world Venus necklace


– F A Q –

FONT USED▹ My handwriting (if calligraphy)
NATIONALITY ▹ Cuban-American, born & raised in Miami
BEIGE “FEATHERS” IN THE BACKGROUND: Dried Pampass grass from etsy (no longer available but try google)

FTC This video is not sponsored
( Glossier link above is an affiliate link along with some other product links using shopstyle and/or amazon )

Thank you so much for your support!


korra lesley says:

Link to the hooks please ? I can’t seem to find them on the website xx

Alyx Carolus says:

That slow intro shot? Ugh, beautiful. I’ve been waiting for this video and you didn’t disappoint!Also your natural hair is so gorgeous.

Nicole Kim says:

Hey! Do you happen to sell your jewellery and clothing that you no longer need online???

E T E R N A L says:

I don’t really have anything to say but here’s a comment anyway, hopefully it’s beneficial for your stats or something haha

Mayse&Maple says:

Loved this video, so calming and your collection is beautiful!

lifewithcassidy says:

your engagement ring is just stunning. he did so good! it’s so you. x

Judi珠珠 says:

omggg I’m actually so obsessed with your jewelry collection! It’s so classy and trendy and vintage-y! Just so in love

Ateka patel says:

please do tutorial on this hair style

Gen'kalovesmakeup says:

Cute collection I used to have a huge jewelry collection of nameless things but with age comes wisdom so I sold of things I fell out of love with and just got myself a few Tiffany pieces and Cartier pieces and that’s all I wear now. Tfs

Lauren Brindise says:

Yesssssssss!!!! The video I’ve been waiting for!!!

Landry Noel says:

you’re so aesthetic

Hoshiii says:

I have no idea why this was on my recommendations but i really enjoyed ur video. ur voice is really pretty

pleasebubi says:

omg, you dont know how excited i am to see this topic popping out on my subscribing list! i was one of the people who requested omgomgomg thanks for listening. ok now i enjoy your video

Dian Elmaya says:

Da Dainty necklaces so adorable ✨✨✨

nativechy says:

Finallyyyy. Needed this

Lucifer Morningstar says:

Real gold is a much better option

Gitu17 AJ says:

i love your collection also you’re so pretty

sky scope8 says:

Even solid gold will tarnish overtime as the highest content of solid gold is only 18 karat which is 75% of gold with the rest made of cheaper metal. Only PURE gold (24 karat) will not tarnish. They will get dirty but it’s only superficial build up and can be easily cleaned by soapy water. If the jewellery is not made of pure gold, then they should only be worn on clean, dry skin. I also like to point out, in the current market, almost all the so called “fine” jewellery brands are extremely overpriced considering the material they use. Don’t even get me started on gold plated/filled/vermeil jewellery.

Amy Carpenter says:

Hey Gemary! I’ve heard about Pamela Card too, she has lovely pieces! I love your style, those necklaces seem beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

lazyla27 says:

Can’t get over how gold is so in style now. Back in the 70’s and 80’s real gold jewelry was fairly cheap and very in style. You would have loved it. Can’t believe how expensive real gold is now. Thanks for sharing your collection.

Shujing Chen says:

You have such a classic and beautiful taste! Always looking forward to your new video and new content. I noticed you listed your engagement ring as custom made. Would you mind sharing where you had it made and if you went with natural diamond or other options such as lab-made diamond?

JoAna Dirilo says:

does she have a room tour?

Savannah Cameron says:

I am so curious about when yall are getting married! Are you in the middle of wedding planning? I am waiting in anticipation to see how you style your wedding/dress/jewelry/ everything because I love your style. Also, thanks for including sustainable jewelry in this video! I’m trying to transition to all sustainable/ethical brands.

Vanessa Chino says:

Your videos are always so so pleasing to watch

Likkitha Prakash says:

Hey gemary loved your collection
Can you please do a detailed closet tour please please
I really want to know about everything that’s in your closet please
Love you and your style❤️❤️

Safire Thompson says:

Thanks for sharing your collection Gemary – lots of beautiful pieces! Etsy is definitely my go-to when I’m looking for jewelry. There’s lots of beautiful, high-quality jewelry at really good prices – even better priced than Mejuri. And most shops can customize to your exact measurements which is something I really appreciate 🙂

Meg says:

Niche goals!

ana rita Variz says:

Love your style!!!!

Raye _93 says:

I’ve been waiting for this video for so long
thanks for sharing dear
love you XoXo

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