My Luxury Jewelry Collection|Cartier, Gucci Tiffany, LV & More

I N S T A –
T W I T T E R –
E M A I L –
S N A P C H A T – mackenzie.meads

love bracelet –

yellow gold love ring –

rose gold love ring –

white gold love ring –

louis vuitton charm bracelet –

louis vuitton leather bracelet –

gucci watch –

tiffany t necklace –

tiffany t bracelet –

tiffany t ring –

gucci earrings –


Chanthal says:

❤️❤️❤️ you should do an updated what I eat in a day, love every video of yours no matter what it is

Brooke Horton says:

wheres your shirt from? i love the length of the sleeves!

Charandeep Sandhu says:

You should buy screw back earrings. They are basically impossible to lose.

Star Girl says:

I agree about the Cartier love bracelet, I got mine when I was a freshman in high school I saved up for it my self I love it soo much such a nice piece

HaileyLove11 says:

Love all your things so lucky

Morgan Mizell says:

I love your content! And how grateful and appreciative you are for everything you have!!! I always look forward to your videos!

Hiun Yen says:

What size is your lv nanogram bracelet? 17 or 19?

jaypoodle1 says:

Thoughts on clic h Hermès bracelet? I’m thinking of getting it but I need opinions

Geraldine Munguia says:

I think you don’t like silver anymore because of your tan, I feel like in tan people gold looks better and silver is for some pale skin tones but not all of them. Maybe you without a tan will like to wear silver

Allie Martinez says:

I swear every time I get a notification that you uploaded a video I get SO excited!! I love your videos

Brooke E says:

Lovee your collection do you know where your name necklace is from? You didnt link it

Lily Wood says:

Luxury clothing collection?

Cocogirl44 says:

Also do you know what store your mom bought the name necklace from?

Samantha_ Mercado says:

Love your videos xoxo

Miriam Belle says:

Omg, thank you so much for making this video, I really enjoyed it. I absolutely love all your everyday jewelry, beautiful

hannah xoxo says:

where did you get the name necklace from x

Amanda Ramos says:

i love these videos your making!!! :,) keep doing you

Martha Remigio says:

Where can I get a name necklace???

Carolina Reyes says:

You should do a q&a with your parents! Everyone is so interested to know their careers!

shaha alroudhan says:

love love this vid!

G T says:

Idk why but I feel you will find the ring. Re check the car, your coat etc

railey says:

I’d love to see a vid with your mom! From this and previous videos it sounds like she has such great style 🙂

Danielaabir says:

Ooo great collection

Cocogirl44 says:

Love your style! Is your Cartier bracelet on your right and left wrist? And why did you decide to put it on that wrist i can’t decide which to do!

gingerhalo1234 says:

you should get bangs i think they’d look good on u!

katie s says:

you have such an amazing jewelry collection! never feel sorry for it!

Jance Mac says:

I love u

Annabelle Marie027 says:

I’m the same age as you. Same birthday even.

Liesl S says:

I love your collection! I’ve been looking for something to get for my 16th and this helped sm!!

Nicole 1234 says:

Does anyone know where to get a wishbone necklace?

Sophia Qreitem says:

you are so gorgeous!! and your jewelry collection looks so amazing and classy!! your videos are so awesome, don’t let anyone bring you down or make you feel bad because you have nice things!

Desi S says:

Loved this video, it’s so much fun to see another jewelry lovers collection!

LizintheATL says:

If she says “literally” one more time…

Danielaabir says:

ALso do you like your offwhite off courts? Mine are so uncomfortable are yours too?

Caitlin Elizabeth says:

You should never have to do a disclaimer. It’s who you are and how your channel is. Just because I don’t have every luxury item you have doesn’t mean I feel any less than you. I watch your channel genuinely because I love your content and I’m so interested in your reviews etc for my future purchases. Keep them up Kenzie!!! Love them! ❤️

haley storm says:

If you’re scared of earrings falling out, get those plastic backing pieces to go on the outside of the earring clamp. get one that’s REALLY tight and I guarantee they won’t fall out. After a few months, they start to loosen up, so you’ll want to push them tighter and replace the plastic piece). I used to always have earrings fall out and I have 3 SETS OF EARRINGS!!! So I would also notice one is gone and be sad, but after I learned this tip, I don’t lose them anymore.

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