I’ve gotten so many requests to do a video about my jewelry collection! I have a pretty large collection so I wanted to do a video about my top 10 favourite pieces:)

The evil eye ring!

ps: lipstick on teeth happens to the best of us 😉 xoxo

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Right In The Feels says:

I’m from England and I’m half Greek! I always purchase jewellery from there when I visit (at least once or twice a year) and going to Greece without buying or receiving some sort of jewellery feels strange to me haha

Shelby Chanel says:

Oh nooo I didnt know you guys broke up

Joyce L says:

I loved what you picked and your explanations. 🙂 Very sweet.
Some of my favourite pieces is the white gold chain my grandma bought, I assume when I was a baby or child, so when I was older she would gift it to me. I now wear it with my aunt’s cross together. I never take them off for similar reasons of how I just feel safe with it on. Another piece would be the gold earrings my mom passed down to me and gold studs my aunt traded for, as well as my return to Tiffany heart necklace and the same link bracelet you have. Both gifts that were well appreciated and such a surprise. Lastly two would be my Pandora bracelet that two friends started/gifted to me and it grew with other friends gifting charms this past Christmas and this bow necklace a friend gifted near Valentine’s Day as a random surprise. <3

Jose luis Conde says:

Are you still single , I’m not superstitious, but I think you caught me…!

me you says:

I don’t no you breakup with your bf

Murakami R says:

Hey Allie can you speak Greek? My friend speaks Greek and I’m so mesmerized when I hear her speak it it’s such a pretty language 

Hey Jude says:

Please do a favorite online clothing stores. I love watching your clothing hauls.

ZohraMaura says:

The lipstick is really pretty and really suits you!

holistic79 says:

Only God csn protect u not metal with an eye on it.

SellersDiva07 says:


Cinder Roxy says:

I was a little confused when you said you were going to take your mother mary charm to Greece and have it made the size of the evil eye. How would you do that? Did you mean you want to buy another one that is smaller?

BeautybyTyra says:

What’s your age?

holistic79 says:

Tiffany has fixed them in the past so ask them

pinksummer44 says:

please share your lipstick color with me!!!

Rachel Sings says:

You’re so gorgeous! Love that lipstick on you.

Lauren Miranda says:

Tiffany products have life long warranties, if you take it into the store they should fix it for you! They fixed my necklace for me when it snapped because I never took it off either! Love the video by the way! 🙂 

Rochelle Gauthier says:

I love your videos, been watching for a really long time haha……Speedy 25 or 30? pick one! 😉 

My linh Pham says:

Allie! I love all your jewellry! Would you still wear your nomination bracelet and stack it with the rest of your bracelets. Im surprised you didnt put your pandora bracelets in, :O

Ladie Anaxo says:

Haha I’m from Serbia (which is very near and similar to Greece) so the ‘I pretend to be religious for her’ comment made me lol! Also, again, love how you keep up the chill and old-school vibe of youtube in your videos!

K. Hogan says:

Tiffany’s will replace/fix the heart bead bracelet.

MakaylaDianne1 says:

The firs bracelet you showed would always pull hair out of my arms when I wore it hah

iloveeyouuBieberx3 says:

im not too sure what tiffany’s policy is but when my bracket broke they fixed it for me, i think i had to pay $50 or something, but you could definitely get your bracelet fixed 🙂

Faryal Minhas says:

what’s your personal tumblr! i hear you talking about it in a few videos but i can never find the link for it 

Roelfl232 says:

There’s a trick to tightening the alex and ani bracelets that the woman at the store showed me. Hold the bracelet facing you with the charm hanging down, but your thumbs on the ends of the adjuster and your index and middle fingers on the inside and tighten. Sorry that was hard to explain, I’m sure you can look up videos on how to 🙂

me you says:

You have a tattoo

ColesCloset12 says:

The first bracelet is called a nomination bracelet.. I had one too 🙂 wish I could fine it

McKenna Smith says:

Lovely lip color on you!

Hollie says:

Mudd bracelets!! Omg I was obsessed. I loved going to Claire’s looking for those. totally forgot about them 🙂

MissLexiBeauty says:

It would be cool if you did a video on the evil eye and your superstitions and things relating to that! It would be interesting.

Rita Griffin says:

Where is the necklace your wearing from? Love it!

Danielle DiLorenzo says:

Allie, I love your videos! This lip color looks gorgeous on you! I think you should wear it more often! There’s so much more color on your face, beautiful girl! xo 🙂 

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