*New* Bling Box | Luxury Edition, June 2017 | Jewelry + organic skincare | Unboxing & Review

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Watch regular box, June 2017, unboxing here https://youtu.be/5kf0uODtYTU

Organique serum review https://youtu.be/ax7wtnwwtuw

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/blingboxofficial/

Bling Box is your monthly dose of stylish jewlry and much more, launching in June 📿💍💫❣️.!! The box has 2 variants – a LUXURY box & a REGULAR box priced at ₹1500/- & ₹750/- respectively.
The luxury box will contain 4 #jewlry pieces, 2 full sized #skincare products, 2 Deluxe sized skincare products And a handmade lip balm, from reputed brands along with a SURPRISE GIFT 😍 !
[💖💖💖regular box + my 2 purchases would be unveiled in the next post 😉 💖💖💖].
To top it all, SHIPPING is FREE and the boxes are personalized with your name on it ♥️♥️♥️

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Vaibhavi Sawant says:

Hey Niranjana! Awesome video! Can you please tell me how to enter the Giveaway?

Reena Ranjan says:

I loved the jewellery in the box and the pom pom earing too

SIMUL says:

this necklace stolen my heart

Tripti Sharma says:


zinnia chatterjee says:


Appy Apoorva says:

What is this nail color you wearing

anu 252004 says:

I loved the necklace

angmat's life says:


Merriness says:

Yeah you got it finally 🙂 We have everything similar except the pom pom earrings 🙂

anwesha bhatta says:

Hi which camera and filter do u use for ur videos

fun & coverup says:

this iz super cool.. i am jewellery junky..don’t guess how many boxes i have.this is one of my kind jewellery lol..i mean huge designs..mostly i wear plain design dresses everywhere ,,if parents don’t interrupt i wear it in parties too.. so i purchase huge jeweleries .that create a dramatic cum classy look to me

Deepika V says:

it was a very nice review as always! its precise and ur video quality has increased/improved it was good before als i.e., in the startin days of ur channel however i do see alot of additions! shows ur dedication & the amount of input u wanna give..its very nice..what abt the INR 750 box btw i thought the other box next to the INR 1500 was the one n u will b reviewing it, probably in the next video?

My lyf My rulzzz says:

I m not a fan of big neckpiece… so except them … I loved the box

preeti joshi says:

very nice

Dia Beauty Blossoms says:

Loved the earrings you got in this box… dear..


really nice products.. I would begin it subscribe for this box…

Dr shwetha says:

Superb box… Eagerly waiting for the Unboxin of the other box

Kajal Karmakar says:

how amazing! Customised box!❤

SoulfulBeauty says:

gr8 stuffs, but box could have been better 🙂

Sreeja Nair says:

I liked and subscribed…I loved the earrings a lot…pls tell me how to get them…will they be giving same products in June subscription box?

shreya says:

hmm this subscription box is different… I just discovered it’s instra page rectly I loved their jewellery the are quite reasonable well I loved it thank for sharing the review

sonia ghandial says:


Ashwini Tanwani says:

great review
though I m not into jewellery I liked d box….would like ur reveiw on d eye serum.

Sreedevi Sn says:

lovely jewelry pieces

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