Non VCA and Cartier Jewelry collection! My gold and silver items. :)

Hello lovelies! Hope your heart is filled with love! TY for spending time with me!!!
Here are some non VCA and Cartier baubles! 🙂 Some I use and some I do not.


Barbara Melville says:

Love the gold hearts can’t wear silver.

Cherry Julz says:

Would love to see a video on the love bangle (which is at the top of my wish list!)

Fancy M says:

Yes I want a full video on the Love bracelet

bubble sarah says:

I have an identical blue topaz bracelet in yellow gold. Get the ring set into a bangle. Get a set of stackable bracelets using the loose stones

Barbara Melville says:

I got hand me downs from my mother died in 2010 old cameos got them somewhere safe I’ve got a charm bracelet love the noise it makes

Yovani Villarreal says:

Are you still making videos I saw you uploaded a video called “happy endings” and couldn’t catch it before it got taken down….

Andri says:

I would love to hear your thoughts on the love bangle … I obviously have my own thoughts .. xx

Julia Samokhodskaya says:

I’d love to see the Cartier love video. And the perfume video. For me jewelry and perfume are somewhat together

bubble sarah says:

The majority of my jewellery is sterling silver. 95% is vintage and I love it

Barbara Melville says:

I love you’re rings ,I lost alot of jewelry just keep those rings. sentimental value. Love the rings the one your husband gave you is beautiful be careful selling jewelry I got so ripped off like you.

SprinklesandBling says:

I for one adore your chatty videos, they are so refreshing! I love your non-designer pieces, they have much character! I have pieces like that and even though I don’t wear them they hold sentimental value so I will not get rid of them. Lol was that mean jeweler Leon Mege? I can not stand him!!!

Pau Pau says:

I recently discovered your channel and I have been playing your videos in my background non-stop. I have started purging my collection and my goal is to have a small but very functional and high quality pieces. I have sold my LV bags and now eyeing on a classic Chanel bag. Cartier will be next. I want to use my collection as much as possible and I don’t need 10 bags that just sits in my closet. I am so excited to watch this video!! I just had to comment, LOL. THANK YOU!!

cent188 says:

Do you find your cartier love rings get tight or too small depending on the weather?

CocoPink44 says:

I used to only wear and Love gold. Have no idea why but in the past few years I suddenly love silver.

The Luxury Hybrid says:

I almost fell off the bed when you mentioned “beef jerky tan” and “The Gordy Shore”. My boyfriend and I went on our first vacation to Punta Cana. There was this one English language channel that played it, and every night, while we were winding down for bed, we would watch that show! The first time we heard “smashing birds” we were hooked!

Ruth Amisial says:

Another great video. Thank you and yes please do the Cartier love bangle video.

Nicole Novo says:


Annette A says:

love your channel! I’m a small youtuber and i do luxury videos as well! I love VCA!! omg! I’m building my stack, slowly and surely! xox

Vallauris 22 says:

What is ur opininion on Sophie Shohet’s recent video where she bought a seasonal iridescent Chanel Boy bag and said that she usually buys seasonal bags in order to resell them at a higher price in the future?

Aaron Oneill says:

Love your videos!! Keep doing you girl

n go says:

Maybe have a large pendant made with a scattered stone design using the stones from the rings. Great video! ; )

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