Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5164R – Luxury Watch Review

This watch review is on the Patek Philippe 5164 Aquanaut in rose gold, reference 5164R-001.

It seems that nowadays every Patek Philippe model is fetching a premium in terms of market price due to the high demand that exists for their watches. The new Aquanaut in rose gold is no exception.

Even though the term “Aquanaut” has a dive watch connotation to it, I don’t think I’ll even be caught in two feet of water wearing it! The watch is just too luxurious for that.

In fact, I like to call this wristwatch the “Billionaire Submariner!” I can’t say that I’ll take the it over the Nautilus, but the watch is stunning nevertheless.

One of the main things I like about this watch is the the dual-time feature. The original Aquanaut 5167 (which I reviewed before while wearing for two weeks on a NATO strap) was also way too thin for my taste, which the brand remedied on the 5164. Furthermore, I love the aesthetic appeal of the rose gold with the chocolate colored dial. It’s HOT!

One thing that I don’t like about the 5164R, is how easy it is to accidentally press one of the side buttons to set the second time zone. It’s not a major thing, but I wish that the buttons would not protrude so much and instead be slightly more difficult to accidentally push.

Overall, this would be a nice, sporty watch to make a splash with over the summer!

Patek Philippe 5164R Prices

The retail price on this watch is $51,000, but I would be really surprised if anyone can buy this watch for anything remotely close to retail. They’re going right now from about the mid-50k’s to the $60k range. That’s just the way it is! Patek Philippe is one of the best watch companies at working the whole supply-and-demand game in their favor.

I know that paying $10k over retail may sound steep, but Patek is one of those brands that I wouldn’t really mind paying over retail for.

The 5164R in the Watch Game

As far as the Watch Game goes, you just can’t have a more elegant sports model than the 5164R-001. I know that some people say that Patek is a brand for older people, but the 5164 is definitely not in the old-fogy category.

So what do you think of the new rose gold Aquanaut from Patek Philippe?

Let me know how you feel in the comments below.

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beeeneee says:

Can you do a vid with some watches that trade under their retail? Just out of curiousity

Jcoeur olivier says:

aquanaut ,Richard mille Rafael Nadal on the wrist and trap house in the background loool you this is for that kind of stuff we like your videos you never make something like other else. keep going I m from France. so sorry if my English is not very well but I also like watches too I already have a navitimer a yacht master 2 witch is the casual watches to go partying and the nautilus os for more special event like wedding or charity gala or chilling like a villain in Monaco and I think after I saw this video I might be bought one at the end of the year cool thx for the precision and keep it up

Jasrajan Singh says:

If you’re willing to spend that much for an aquanaut why not save a little more and buy a 2nd hand nautilus?

Youssef H says:

WTF is that background ??? ugly as hell i couldn’t even enjoy the video…

khalid5027 says:

Patel’s are Amazing watches, but there isn’t any for sale at retail, crazy premiums even on the ones that aren’t popular, I’m in the waiting list for a steel nautilus since 2014. Erik let us know how to get one please.
Every time I see one on your videos I say
Yo soy tu papá!

Thomas Tommy says:

Dude why do you bother showing watches like this?? How many rich men will bother to watch your video?? What are you getting out of this? Oh a free watch to do a review, lol.

OldSport says:

I like all the aquanaut line but the prices are astronomical. This one is beautiful though.

classic kool says:

I wouldn’t put it in the water either…but the fact that you could elevates the cool factor to another level for me…

Vinicius says:

I really enjoy everthing about this watch, but still, i just can’t like it. I mean, i like every part of it but when put together it doesn’t seem to work for me. Maybe I’m just retarded. Great review tho, as always

Wesam Mansour says:

Damn,this watch is beautiful..
Greetings from Yemen

Maurie Barnes says:

Great video. Interesting backdrop.

Colby 'Twitter Thug' Covington says:

$60k on a rubber strap, geez.

Robert Lulek says:

Eric you hit the nail on the head I would never ever pay over a premium for any watch I think that is just b******* and yes it is an old man’s watch men today are much larger with bigger wrists they need a larger millimeter size any average size man what’s 7 and 1/2 inch or even 7 & 1/4 Quarter inch wrist needs at least and I say minimum 42 mm

hopey1809 says:

Maybe the most beautiful watch on the market

amine75hk says:

It’s a nice watch and on my to buy list, check my IG page HKWATCHAHOLIC, by the way Eric i love your channel, great job bro 😉

Gerold At Large says:

Heck of a background. I did like the watch though.

leicanoct says:

I wish Patek would come out with a proper dive watch with a rotating bezel.

Byron Sutton says:

Trap trap trap……Today!

Robert Lulek says:

Stupid people they need something so bad that they’re willing to pay a hefty premium for it go to AP better brand they don’t hold back as much inventory even though it’s a better product than the Patek Philippe in my opinion

Vlad Ilyushchenko says:

Love the watch and the video! Great job Eric, as always! This patek can be had for roughly 48k in Europe. Is US more expensive for watches or what?

Cinar Gey says:

That silicon band is killing that watch. it needs a very high quality leather or gold band. Only think that makes this watch beautiful is the ROSE GOLD. Otherwise if Seiko made this watch, no one is even making a video about it on YouTube. I prefer GOLD ROLEX SKY DWELLER OR 41mm DateJust over this watch in any day of the week for half the price.

Mateus Maranhão says:


TheSpritz0 says:

I just love the Nautilus too much to appreciate the Auquanaut- but who knows in 20 years?? 🙂

Nick G says:

My Mann!! love the review and vids..Keep it up!!

Brett Patton says:

Awesome video. I would rock that. Too bad they are difficult to get.

Enrico Fiorelli says:

Awesome watch, rose gold and chocolate are fantastic. Great review as alway Eric!!

Larry Kippings says:

Nice review Eric. The 5164 is the most beautiful Aquanaut. The pushers on the left give the watch symmetry, and it is thicker and 1mm wider than the 5167. Gold is probably too soft and will scratch too easily for a daily wearer sports watch? Do you agree? I personally would go for the stainless, and I’m thinking about going on the waiting list (assume 2 years wait in the UK). One thing, can you show the watch complications in action on future videos……. and also the movement in close up. Just briefly would be good.

B Bando says:

my dealer literally offers these to me as im in the market for a “sporty” Nautilus. But, nah i hate the rubber strap especially at that price range. Same with the Datona, YM, the rubber straps feel like a waste of $$$

Alex Pino says:

Erick, so who is Lamborghini in the watch game ? please tell us who do you think it is !

Mohanned Walid says:

What I love about your reviews and content in general is that in addition to providing us with the facts, you say your opinion, which imo should be valued especially coming from someone with your experience. Thank you.

Duggerdean says:

Love the 5164 ss so much

Jack Black says:

Benny Blanco…from da bronx


Hey, I saw a book behind you in one of your videos. The Watch. I would like to know what book is the best full of knowledge about all watches. I see a lot of Rolex books, but nothing covering everything. Is that book the best and most knowledgeable.

Kuba Kardaś says:

Don’t you think RM are actually better at supply/demand play Eric? 🙂

Arnold Stallone says:

The only thing i see is the picture behind you i i got only one question,what are thoseeeeeeeeee????

hussain qaffas says:

One of my dream watch, I do like it more in steel version

Robert Lulek says:

Eric you know as well too if AP held back supply and demand as much as ditech their prices would soar as well but AP is the Lamborghini they don’t hold back supply and demand the way let’s say Ferrari does even though the Lamborghinis are better cars the Ferrari retains sometimes higher resale value because of that reason I like a supplier that sells to anyone who can afford their product without stacking on exorbitant pricing

Rob Logan says:

I have the 5164A and I love it, but the clasp scratches really easily. I wish they made a single folding clasp instead of the butterfly type. Never had an issue with accidentally changing the hour hand though.

Daniel Orozco says:

*hey dude, do a Canelo Álvarez collection review, he’s in the game*

Captain says:

Eric can you help me out here as you’re a man that’s big into the watch game and also in a ritzy area (Miami)…is a stainless steel Submariner ever NOT enough watch? I mean I know we all want a 5980R or something but is a Submariner ever just too low end to be in the club of the watch game? I can’t help feeling like, though it is the grand daddy of watches, it’s been tossed to the side in favor of big AP Offshores and Nautilus’ and RM’s. So yeah, can a stainless Submariner walk into any event anywhere and be a great watch for all situations?

Dany Bel says:

Nice pink car Eric by the way !

Robby Khullar says:


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