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Fine Jewelry Collection: Flower shaped diamond Earrings♥
DAY 1 ICELAND: Messy day + What’s in my bag?

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Dianna Amundson says:

I think your English is really great! You’re basically fluent, the fact that you speak 2 languages fluently, plus any others you may speak is really impressive! I love your videos! 🙂

Maghfira Yuwanti says:

i love all your collection jewerly

francescarrrr says:

Never apologise for your English, I admire your ability to speak a second language.

Makeup Royal Care Cosmetics says:

love your look. check us out

Chris Harrison says:

You have a beautiful collection!

Mitali D says:

Hey Girl, I just came across your video and think that you are doing a very good job and I do understand that excelling on a foreign language is not easy. And about those nasty comments, they should appreciate that someone is at least trying to speak in English …..can they speak in Cantonese??? Bottom line is “just ignore”. xxx

Venecia B says:

Hi Angel you do not need to be sorry about your accent.. If people are commenting bad things do not let that discourage you… Same happened to me when I moved to US… But you know what at least I’m bilingual… Keep it up girl don’t stop…

Ethernica Gape says:

French is my maternal language, I don’t talk english on a daily base and I understood all what you said. Your english is very good, don’t worry!

Alyssa Sharief says:

don’t apologize! your English isn’t bad there are people living in the U.S that went through school and learned to speak english properly and they don’t , do your thang gurllll!

Princess Mia says:

your english is good doll please dont let anyone discourage u, you keep doing u. people just mean out there, but thanks for sharing your collection video lots of love from trinidad

Linda Collazo says:

Love your jewelry! I too have a fine jewelry collection video! Would love it if you check it out❤️

Youssef Islam Abo Elsoud says:

Angel, I see that all of your vlogs are excellent and your english isn’t that bad don’t worry . Keep it up .

Barbara Melville says:

Love you’re jewelry

Chen Tan says:

love all your videos!! hope you can either put subtitles on ur cantonese ones or make one in english hehe xx

Barbara Melville says:

I love 21 24k gold love beautiful collection.

Susan N. says:

I think you speak wonderful English. Yes, keep on doing what you’re doing…Love your videos, just discovered them this morning!! Will definitely keep watching.

Samantha Lee says:

Hi Angel. I have been watching your videos for the past few months and I love them. we understand English is not your mother language and we can see you are trying your best and please do not feel sorry about it. Just want to give you my support here and keep up the good work. Please continue to film more videos and I am happy to watch them. Love you!

1982evanthia says:

You are very easy to understand…no need for you to apologize!

Eli Bakshi says:

Don’t waste your time saying sorry to people who are rude enough to leave stupid comments. I’ll say sorry on their behalf for being senseless and ignorant. Keep up the good work, I still love the videos.

Sandy Au says:

support  you !

The Fashion Act Blog says:

OMG I love your CC earrings!! May I ask you how do you clean/store them? thanks angel 🙂

Donna McKoy says:

I love the necklace you are wearing

Angelina Dines says:

its alright dont say sorry. i’m a asian woman too and i understand that most asian are not like the american english when we speak. wat matters most is the good heart that speaks. keep it up. your beautiful inside and out. speaking is not the hindrance to see peoples true nature.

Ya Lor says:

Ure english is fine i can understand u just fine. i speak two languages too. Dont worry what people say do want u want. I love watching ure video so dont stop.

Shippy Div says:

I have the computer playing in the background and I am in the other room. I hear your voice and have never watched your videos before. What made me write this post is that you have to explain yourself to people. I understood each and every word that you spoke and I am so glad that you are not allowing people to stop you from doing what you like. Great job and thank you for sharing.

Barbara Melville says:

beautiful jewelry love your collection.

Allyson James says:

Your accent is beautiful and I’m impressed you even speak a 2nd language. Those people complaining are just unhappy people who have to put other people down to feel better about themselves. I love your jewelry collection, I just got my 1st pair of Channel earrings and am obsessed. 🙂

Elena Koleva says:

Your English is super cute!

janesonging says:

I think you speak English very well considering it’s your second language…you most certainly speak better English than I do Cantonese; don’t listen to people that tell you otherwise! I really enjoy your channel 🙂

Teressy2 says:

Let me know when you visit Switzerland again, would like to meet youXD

ladyg19312 says:

hey, i’m italian and i understand you perfecty, I think your english is god.
I want to make videos in english too, I hope i’ll find the confidence to do it.

Bree:) says:

No need to say sorry!! It’s so hard to learn a new language you are doing amazing! I can understand you perfectly!!! 🙂 love the jewelry

Talia Clay says:

As long as we can understand , don’t bother yourself let the haters hate , we will love love love

piccolalila says:

I just found your videos, and I absolutely love them! Your personality is so sweet and you have great taste 🙂

thankstofashion says:

I’ve just found your channel. I think your English is great and your accent so cute. English is not my mother tong either and my videos are also in English. It is the best way to get practice in a foreign language 🙂
….Love your videos! You have a new subie <3

Ryuuto and Nina says:

i love Chanel jewelry too. Beautiful!

Greenohlover says:

Love ur top! And I love how much you n ur husband love each other!

Miriam belle says:

I think your English is clear and very good, don’t listen to the haters. Your English is perfect

Joy says:

Ignore the haters. The fact that you’re trying(the more you practice the better you get). Your English isn’t that bad. I think your English is fine. Just saw this vid for its time.

holistic79 says:

Oh dear that is not nice what they said. you’re English is nice I understand you.

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