Review | 2018 Range Rover Velar | SUV Jewelry

With a long history of luxury and off road capability the new Land Rover is trying to combine even more fashion and design into their new SUVs. We look at the good and bad of the new Velar and why buyers would consider this over other offerings from Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Volvo. This review will cover the tech, finer details and driving impressions.

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00:00 – 1:22
1:22 – 7:00 Interior Impressions
7:00 – 12:08 Infotainment and Cargo Area
12:08 – 18:00 In the Shoppe
18:00 – 26:45 Driving Impressions
26:45 Final Thoughts


Dan Dragoi says:

It does look stunning tho

Martin Špina says:

12:12 loool

harrismi7 says:

I like the way it looks, but it almost crosses the line back to a station wagon to me. It just seems so low to be an SUV.

animal mother says:

Instagram model car, it’s the photogenic hot girl with a dysfunctional social life who eats your bank account

Dan Kiezulas says:

That steering wheel is the most modern, next-gen shit I’ve seen in a long time.

Inktomei says:

Opened YouTube and SG has new review woohoo!

T p says:

You make Great videos! just in time for lunch, thanks!

Mike H says:

They need various various shades of brown (latte, vanilla, mocha etc) as leather options for when you spill your favorite grande coffee beverage on those seats. Cool that they are aiming for recycled aluminum and going with a supercharger instead of a twin turbo v6 like everyone else. Let’s see if they’ve figured out some of the inevitable quality concerns within the next 2 years

Adam Choi says:

SUV Jem is a false statement. Velar has no history whatsoever in Land Rover history. driving experience speaks for itself. Heavier Range Rover drives considerably better than Velar. If you are spending this much money on SUV, there are plenty other choices. Automobile industry is not like Facebook.

aquaticko says:

I honestly don’t understand the almost universal hate towards the dash-top tablet-style infotainment screens. It’s not the most graceful solution, but it keeps things up where you can see them, near the line-of-sight of the road, and it can (could) be used to show off how delicately slim an e.g., OLED screen is. If I’m going to have to refer to the screen to access most vehicle functions, then don’t I want it to be up where I can safely see it?

David Strong says:

Two questions: I have heard the door closing on the Discovery, the sound is pretty lack luster, how is it with the Velar? What is your current view on reliability of Land Rover product? Would be great to see your review of the 3 row Land Rover Discovery Td6.

a h says:

Is Land Rover a better company now than it was under BMW or Ford?

jango1968 says:

rather have one of the new crewcab pickups from chevy, gmc or ram

man0z says:

Great channel fella.
Also with regards to that scratchy piano black trim. car manufacturers should look to phone companies like LG who have self healing plastic in their G Flex phones.

Soumak Nandi says:

Yes,More uploads going around!

LexusReyes says:

Most people who buys these have a glovebox full of MDMA

zarbon700 says:

Just another overpriced and shitty reliability Range Rover for suckers.
Don’t even lease this crap because it will cause a lot of headaches due to it will have lot of issues that will require many trips to the dealership for repairs.

Denny says:

This was my first choice til i saw this review about those knobs scrathes, I decided and went with second option which is Toyota Yaris and happy ever after since. No shinny knobs to worry or where i should park in busy mall or supermarket parking lot. Thanks for saving all the headache could of causes if I marry this Velva.

Kenneth White says:

Overpriced junk!

mountainhobo says:

‘Form over function’ is a term of disdain in my vocabulary.

Sang Eeth says:

Luxury cars nowadays are like disposable cars. They are only good for a few years and they become a headache after a while. Best is to lease them, if you wanna have one. I personally like this car a lot but it just irks me that it won’t be any reliable because if I bought one, I would love to keep it for a long time. The review is as usual, very consistent in quality. Keep up the great work man.

RyokoX37 says:

I’m wondering how that white interior will hold up to kids. LuL!

akmdks says:

Who the f*ck dislikes these videos ?

Vehicle Virals says:

Don’t make the mistake of buying it. Lease it

czarus319 says:

Excelent movie not only as a review but like a experience in to the world of cars, thank you and do not stop because what you do is amazing, it’s a great taste for the senses.

kadie1414 says:

Why does Range Rover constantly rank super low in reliability ratings? Any thoughts?

JustKillMeSenpai says:


Affalterbach 1967 says:

So how do yo really feel about it ? Buy now or wait for the Ranger Raptor in Lincoln trim ?

Rick B says:

That intro music was NOICE!

Jake Maningding says:

Gorilla glass is not really for scratch resistance (any glass have scratch resistance). It’s a glass with shock absorbing capability (a bit flexible). They market this shit wrong.

Mick Wrinkles says:

My thanks also goes to all your patreon supporters.

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