Ugly God: The Gold Chains I’m Wearing are Fake, But It’s the Good Fake Gold

Ugly God: The Gold Chains I’m Wearing are Fake, But It’s the Good Fake Gold


GetRich Brett says:

Ugly god was influenced by yung god real based mfs kno who tht is #TYYG

GamerKnight332 says:

professionals have standards

Theodore Moye says:

I ain’t know he was from the sipp

Deam ville02 says:

@whoschaos 6:16

Jon Veloz says:

Wow this guy is wak

Pavel Switzer says:

What kind of fucked up video is this

Crazy Hodge says:

Damn he sounds like Lenarr

Challenges _ says:

At least he admits it

Tom Foolery says:

Those chains are real gold but it ain’t solid gold. The brand is The Gold Gods. It’s gold plated 18k, so it’s real.

Antoine Gibson says:

Ugly God a cool ass nigga.

rjbanks98 says:

Best freshman rapper of 2017. Nobody argue with me

heakersneads hunter says:

bruh lowkey its smart
if theyre fake someone might jump him for them and if theyre fake it doesnt matter if they get taken

Unknown Grammer says:

Vlad you had to talk about yourself.. come on you should just ask questions and stfu

ShCuDoO says:


troy west says:

man i got the pharoe face all u gotta do is say its gold plated instreas of frontin like its real n you good

Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid says:

He seems cool AF. Funny dude.

Krazie Phantom says:

I really respect Ugly God, he dgaf what anybody thinks about him, and he’s a super humble dude

SuperSaiyan GodVegtio says:

this dude ass

Michael Thaxton says:

Who waste money on chains tho there a bunch more you can use millions on other then yo self

Jeremy Hohn says:

ugly god a bitch , he wouldn’t even eat booty smh

Jullien Vigil says:

fake gold? come on vro, I got one word for yo ass……….Jacoje

CarlTheHuman says:

So I typed zumiez jewelry and it brought me here

VeryVeryCoolAccount says:

He don’t like titties???!!!

Topher Divine says:

U gone end up eatin some ass

Justin Bracy says:


Justin Bracy says:


303king Mc-P says:

Idk who tf this is. saw it in my feed but there’s no good fake gold idiot

Preston Anderson says:

this man is real

Illinois Native says:

Who cares. At least he’s being somewhat smart with his money

MigZzZ says:

he dont smoke blunts he eat em

Mcree Is Here says:

Link to website to buy the fake chains?

Jose Ortiz says:

This nigga be interviewing himself

Rozzjd says:

Fake gold is for fake people. Period.

puppy in pants says:

i wanna be his friend

DroylGotSawwce LikeDamn says:

I love how honest ugly god is that’s Y I’mma keep Supporting him

Johny Lopez says:

Did this white boy really just said that solja boy is the father of all rappers smfh

TheDiligentMafia says:

Click or you’ll die without knowing what it is…

SeanJesus says:

Anybody know where he buy his chains cuz i cant afford that shit either lol

BeShak says:

He that one funny and ugly niggas in high school that got hecka friends

Conscientious says:

I swear this dude so chill and humble bruh

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