10 Accessories EVERY Guy Needs | Men’s Accessory Must Haves

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that accessories take an outfit and makes it extraordinary.

Every Dude Needs These Accessories

1. Solid black tie

2. Tie bar

3. White cotton or linen pocket square

4. Sweet pen

5. Watch – the best accessory you can wear!

6. Shades

7. Wallet

8. Light-weight casual scarf

9. Baseball hat

10. Pocket knife

Alpha has talked about MVMT watches before, and they are sick watch for the price point. He really likes the design and functionality. The Voyager collection is new and is a great looking. It’s affordable luxury where you can accessorize without breaking the bank. MVMT shades are incredibly stylish, very well built, and affordable too. These are two of Alpha’s guilty accessory pleasures combined into one amazing company!


Chiging Naddo says:

Fuck….. Unnecessary

Titan Kynetro says:

I’m waiting for the trump cap

Noah Brady says:

West Virginians represent!

Rimantas Danilevicius says:

Hi, where did you bought your brown leather jacket? looks super cool! time 1:59

tiago m says:

he did a perfect description of my wallet besides the cash part

Death Zone D78 says:

What about a Bracelet like the one Bollywood Star Salman Khan has he’s my icon & I wear a Silver Bracelet Everdy so what about that please give me your honest opinion about it

Lub Tearts says:

You missed chapstick.

Joshua McCarty says:

Lol.,he so cool

Smash Mewtwo says:

I just love how you speak no homo

Nikolay Jovanovic says:

5:16 Oh my gosh, can’t get enough oxygen of laughing.

Super Dude says:

There’s no such thing as an “affordable” luxury watch. If it’s cheap it isn’t luxury. mvmt is a cheap brand with no heritage/cachet/innovations to it’s name. Next time, advise your viewers to SAVE for a real luxury watch like Breguet, Omega or Rolex.

Milan Ruzicka says:

Love your videos. Hands down, one of the greatest salesmen I´ve seen in a long time, in real life + on the internet. Your rhetoric convinces (yeah, I´m sure with that) at least 80% of the viewers. Keep it up man, respect and keep it humble.

Justin Taylor says:

I carry a full disassembled sniper rifle in my computer bag. Ya just can’t live without that.

Ross Parker says:

what about when you wear a pure black suit, like the entire suit is black

Tim Allan says:


Gerard Shafer says:

Can I get a link for that slim wallet Alpha.

Bryce Moore says:


joseph medrano says:

Yet again another awesome video. Hope one of these days you sit down at Starbucks and read this informative comment on how much i appreciate your vids.

Macky Suson says:

Fanstastic work! Thank you for doing this! I am really inspired to have watched this! You rock! Thank you and keep it coming!

Bandit Leader says:

He looks like the guy from watchdogs when he wears the jacket, scarf, and cap

Arthur Meyers says:

Knives? If you’re into CRKT folders I would definitely check out the CRKT crossbones, most gentlemanly knife I own

Chris Gavidia says:

4:00 how to put on a scarf

AEpunk777 says:

I used to carry a pocket knife… then I got teige hanley on it and it turned into a rocket launcher.

dream achieved says:

Did he insinuate rape in the last on

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