10 Items That Make Men Look FEMININE!

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Fashion Anchor tells a story about how the other day he saw a man dressed in a feminine manner. Which made him consider what current looks men are wearing that are effeminate. If you want people to perceive you macho and masculine, don’t wear these items Alpha has identified below.

Leading Ladylike Looks

1. Earrings
2. Oversized sweaters
3. Long line tee shirts
4. Super skinny, tight pants
5. Multiple rings on a single hand
6. Uggs
7. Toms
8. Cuffing pants or chinos
9. Bracelet overload
10. Overarched and overplucked eyebrows

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jimenezabel25 says:

This channel/Video is So Homophobic and sexest!!

Toxic Burns says:

We should show this video to lil uzi

xKYNGx says:

I fit about half the shit on this list lol Bracelets, Skinny Jeans, Jewelry, Toms and Vans, and Earrings. I mean I’m into the look of success. Diamonds, Gold and So ofc I like jewelry. Bracelets I use to wear a lot in High School just cause they became a huge trend at one point and They look cool. Toms are extremly comfy. I can wear my Air Force 1’s, but on a rainy day I couldn’t do it. Getting mud on my AF1’s would suck. So ofc I’ll switch it up by wearing Vans or Toms. Skinny Jeans I like more than baggy pants. I hate sagging cause it gets annoying having to pull up your pants every 10 minutes and Skinny jeans don’t get torn up like regular jeans do on a daily basis. I never understood why guys wore those boots though. Actually I don’t even think I’ve ever seen a guy wear those ugly boots. That is a weird trend indeed.

Harry Muhammad says:

ripped jeans with MAJOR thigh exposure… the equivalent of a woman having a slit in her dress.

Rapture Kicks says:


Chris says:

Man purses

Mes Djz says:

Great video but your spending longer time in the commercial

Oz says:


Samuel Ayala says:

Remember guys, it’s cool if your bracelets are silly bandz bc those go hard

ghettobeats says:

the man-bun hairstyle, that should be no. 1

Peter Smafield says:

What someone wears is none of your business of “F.”

Alan Allen says:

Ok…this is so cringy…this video is clearly for insecure guys who don’t want to come across as fem or gay. Nothing wrong with a touch of flavor. This dude clearly loves conforming to gender stereotypes, and it comes off as a bit offensive at times, and not just in this video. And this is coming from a guy who comes off as pretty damn feminine. Js. Be you and be happy with what you do and rock it. (And I agree on “bracelet overload” being wrong, not bc it’s feminine, but because its just tacky. But that’s my personal opinion, not making you question ur gender roles).

Justin Jake Tabasa says:

oof, I like oversized sweaters.

Ricardo Ferrer says:


omar yusuf says:

I like oversized sweaters, I can pack some serious heat, a few knives and a fat smiths Weston 9mm m&p with two clips. No one realizes it lol

Emma Rey says:

I like more feminine guys tbh

Himayat Rizvi says:

does that make him gay?

Siddhesh Rao says:

You videos are awsum 🙂

Light Yagami says:

Earings make you look like a douche, not faminine

Catherine3385 says:

Sorry but I don’t like white sunglasses on a guy… Feminine

clay rider says:

Uggs are womens shoes

Wexen Art says:

A guy that is afraid of having feminine traits is so fragline and pathetic. Also you insult most of women 🙂

Random Vidzz says:

people cant get offended becuzz this channel is inteaed for men

Daniel Whyte says:

I will tell you what else makes you look feminin, YOU waxing tour chest hair
Last time i watched these stupid videos
Espadrilles are a great unisex item

Ariel Hunter says:

Wow your voice is annoying. Wow.

war tomorrow official says:

If I man wants to be feminine let him. If a woman wants to be masculine let her

Derrington J says:

So many butthurt mofos. He did not say you can’t wear what you want to wear he made it very clear that perception is an actual thing so he is offering a suggestion of what not to wear if want to project a certain esthetic. You can still be yourself and wear what you want. Relax…

Chris Kinch says:

Gay men try to be masculine like this. As far as manscaping with the beards, the short hair, going to the gym etc. But try all they might to look and act like a straight man, as soon as they open their mouth, and have that twinkle in their eye, and here comes the expressive hand gestures and body language: Your still clearly gay.

Gay men want their men to look masculine because they like men. Just like how straight women want their men to look masculine because they like men. I get it. But the lesson here is folks, if your gay, then your just gay. You can’t hide if you have the stereotypical gay voice, gay body language, combined with excessive attention to something like eyebrows. Real straight men have never even thought about their brows once in their entire lives. In fact, most straight men don’t really care if they are ugly, and don’t really care about image whatsoever. Only hollywood men do, but those people aren’t real. And most of them are really bisexual anyway or meterosexual straight males (which is seen as gay). Hollywood has always been gay. I mean they all did go theatre after all to be an actor, think about your LGBT statistics in that kind of population. If you want to look straight but like manscaped, then mimick Peirce Bronsan. Because he has straight male body language, while also being fancy. It’s very different from what this guy is doing. Which is what I’m saying, you can dress a gay man up and manscape him, but his entire neuro biology is going to tell the world he’s gay as soon as he walks in a room. Need not a fashion trainer, but needs a vocal coach trainer, and someone to also retrain the body language, and the hyperness of what is clearly gay male body language if one really wants to appear masculine. Because when you go “hahaha oh honny” it matters nothing anymore if your in a 1,000 dollar Men’s Department store suit. You lost it.

Every straight man who is a construction worker, do you really think that he cares about his eyebrows? No. Now I do agree that a real straight man would clearly never wear stretch jeans and always wear those gigantically huge Levi Jeans or Arzona Jeans from Sears. And who does have the knowledge to go “no way your getting me in skinny jeans.” No real straight man is gonna put foundation on his face either just so he doesn’t have rings under his eyes. No real straight man is gonna have that much attention to his damn hair.

Real straight men for lack of a better word- are just effortless slobs. And that’s why women love them. They actually like the ugly. The only thing a real straight guy would put attention into is his muscles. But once he goes around flashing them all the time and being aroused by his own selfies…..then yeah, he wants some dick suckage from another man in the gym.

Dude when your gay, your just fucking gay. Try all you like to be masculine, adult looking, rich, sofisicated and say “damn checking her ass out.” But it’s not going to work.

Real straight men have nothing to prove, and never spend more than 10 dollars on themselves or any more than 5 minutes in a bathroom. This guy is just a total gay male stereotype. All this is doing, while he says “don’t wear toms and ugg boots etc, it makes you look gay” Yes that is true, it does. But when you say that while having that voice, and that kind of vain gay male man scaping, and all of the expression in the facial muscles with the eyes popping out, the mouth opening crazy wide and the constant lifting of eyebrows in excitement and hyperexcitiabley like a fucking woman- it’s null and void because your still gay lol. You look like every single guy in a gay bar, and in the gay clubs, hitting the gay male scene. So your basically training probably other gay men who don’t want to look gay who want somehow pass as straight, to fail just like you ironically have failed. Now you made yourself fancy yes- to men. There is nothing wrong with being gay, but you just are the epitome real world gay man.

Real straight guys need to advice. You either have the straight male body language, or you don’t. Like Rock Hudson probably never had to do any of this even though he was gay, because he had straight male body language. And yes you can alter your body language in a single photograph to attract women or look straight if that’s your goal. But once you go on that date and there is this that gay voice comes out, and that gay body language, and this excessive attention to eyebrows- then she’s gonna figure it out. So now your just wasting her time. Where as if you just say your gay and come out, and go on a date with a man, you’d be very successful because your pretty much exactly like all gay men as far as this goes, so you’d fit right in that community.

Gay men want their men to be manned up. They don’t want them to look like trans women or a crossdresser. They hate the fem stuff, because they aren’t attracted to women. There is some gay men who like alternative emo boys and fem androgyny in that way that is true. But most gay men want their men to look like you. There is a very very very fine line between straight male masculinity, and gay male masculinity.

Basically the body language needs to be very slow. Once your like ‘HEY GUYS” AND HYPER then your just gay. Need a good low pitch bubba type of voice too. Talking slow. Not being hyper-reactive. Not being loud (unless if its football scream).

Point is, you either got it or you don’t. The irony is the more products you buy to try to make yourself look straight, the more it’s just evidence that your gay. Just like when a homophobe goes on and on and on about how gay stuff is bad, it’s clear we’re like “dude that guy is gay and self-loathing and has problems.” Where as you have a better chance of looking straight if you go “Hey love, whoever you love, I’ve got nothing to judge.” Then women will think your compassionate- and nothing is more sexy to a woman then masculinity AND compassion. Much better than a psychopathic extreme “alpha male” who talks about how gay shit is bad all day long. Take that example and apply it to men fashion or male masculinity image. And he is right that image is everything as far as how you are perceived and you are defined by how you are percieved. 100% right. And you are perceived clearly as a stereotype gay adult bar meterosexual guy.

If someone really wants to look straight and attract women. Don’t invest in fashion. Invest in a voice trainer to lower the pitch, and someone to retrain your body language and every single social reaction to all things.

This same person could look straight if didn’t have the gay male voice, the pouty lips, the vanity in the face and body language, and the hyper-reactivity, and the accessorizing. When your gay, your just gay. There is nothing with being gay, but just saying, I can open this video and know in 2 seconds that your gay. Which means you’ve failed if your trying to look straight through this masculinity manscaping-which honestly the way you do, it’s still entirely metero- which is why it fails. You got the right ideas, but your being too fancy. It needs to be more sloppy. Less is more in this scenario. Less IS success. Remember that guys- LESS is success.

If you want to look like a straight man- go to the goodwill. But some old big blue jeans. Buy just a very regular plain black t-shirt- not a v neck. Then buy a button up plaid shirt. Or buy a plain dark colored polo shirt and Put that over the shirt. Go to a barber- not a fancy hair place. Get a regular crew cut. Grow a beard but don’t manscape it- or just be clean shaven. Go to a voice trainer and get a lower deeper slower sounding voice (and no not as in retarded, as in just calm- like you aren’t reacting to your environment, you just exist). Muscles, yes good. But don’t flaunt them. The spend your time at a sports bar, hold BOTTLED beer, and and posture yourself like the typical moron married douchebag men do around the pool table. When you laugh, learn to laugh strong and all from your belly. And make the damn beer gut PROUD. THAT’s how you pass as straight and masculine if you so desire to.

He’s got the right ideas but he puts too much stock into it, which makes it fail and then it becomes metro. Like having a beard but buying fucking 10 products for it and having excessive attention to detail about it. Short hair yes good, but once it’s all fancied up with product you look like you just had a makeup artist girl do you hair, which is feminine. etc etc etc.

Dress like a harley davidson rider- a real one- not a hollywood one. And nobody will think your gay. The other slip up is again once you get a gym body flaunting it, becomes homoeroticism and when you have homoerotic activity you attract men, and when you attract men, women just know it, and they run. It’s a fine line for sure to come off as straight.

Which is why when your gay, or bisexual in this way, your just fucked. You either got the straight body language or you don’t. and even if you do pay someone to alter it, your only going to pass as straight on a glance. Just like a medical trans woman if she does everything can pass as someone as born a girl. But once you open your moth you know she’s born male. Once this person opens his mouth and here comes the voice and the hand gestures and and they hyperactive ‘HEYYYY GUYSS!” and the rings and jewlerey and the gay male vanity, it’s like- come on. we know your gay.

Leonardo Cassara says:

Just be fucking gay already ! …. You really go out of your way to avoid that don’t you ?

Franco Vallejos says:

what size are your earrings? they’re huggies right? correct me if i’m wrong.

Drewski intergalactic says:

Man bun

Ralph Parker says:

Jesus Christ lmao, he says on multiple occasions that doing any of these things or dressing in a “feminine” way isn’t bad or wrong in anyway, just that he considers it rather feminine and would recommend avoiding it for those trying to dress masculine. It’s really not that big of a deal, he’s not even taking it THAT seriously. Anyone should pretty much be able to wear whatever they want (unless that includes graphic nudity) and I’m sure he knows that.

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