13 Ugly Men’s Style Mistakes According To YouTubers | Viewers Choice

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro shares the biggest viewer men’s style peeves. Alpha gives shout outs to each viewer:

1. Over-sized shirts and sweaters

2. Colored contacts

3. Huge ear gauges

4. Jeans with running shoes

5. White socks with dress pants

6. Matching tie and pocket squares from box set

7. Wearing jeans below the butt

8. Anything leather

9. Hoop earrings

10. Formal pants with sports / running shoes

11. Socks and sandals

12. Not coordinating belt

13. Special tie knots and tie bar placement


Charles Sinnheart says:

ties are fucking stupid period

김세영 says:

long shirts and long sweaters are the hypebeast trend

Savage_IV says:

Socks and slides is a new trend

Mad Cat Sphere! ! says:

We men dont need too have bad hair styles to be ugly… we already are and will remain to be.. ugly. 😉

Francisco Galarza says:

Says hoops but is wearing hoops

Fane Ultra says:

alpha i have something to say!! suit with un tuck shirt 🙁 the Most ugly thing ever

Demesvar Clerge says:

I’m not running in my yeezys

ionlypwn 99 says:

I stopped doing number 4 and it definitely helps it made me feel better to.

Massimo Di Giampaolo says:

Wearing sandals in general.
*Nobody wants to see your disgusting yellow and stinky feet*

austin mason says:

He said that he was “so close” to be there w/ the matching shoes and belt but in a previous video he says it does matter like wth?

Predacon Productions says:

Shorts and long socks

Kade B says:

Black v-necks and earrings on guys … that’s a no go

john weeks says:

yesterday I saw a guy on a date with a hot chick wearing a suit jacket, jeans & sports shoes (old scrappy ones)… It literaly made me feel ill so i pointed it out to my friend who sayed it’s a new trend! can that be true?

Bilducia Art says:

bright colored sneakers..aka throwback Jordans…fresh as hell to my 13 yr old but too bright and flashy for even me a graphic artist

frbo007officiel says:

So stupid

Ulka Das says:

but I like jeans with sports shoes..

Sathish Jr. says:

Hey man! Can you do a single video for India and for its Stylish teens? Am I the only one asking?

tr3nta says:

I live in switzerland and its full of german and swiss-german tourists, they all wear socks and sandals.

blair insertlastnamehere says:

brightly colored skinny jeans.
like why? what are you? a middle schooler?

Juliano Norman says:

Alpha’s hooped earrings are awesome!

Miguel Morales says:


sonic boom says:

and a channel with tiege hanely on it

Darius Evans says:

Agh fuck this my ears are stretched to an inch and I love it
My combat boots and band tees are where it’s at if they don’t like it they aren’t for me

santiago carreño says:

This guy has an awesome hair

Mackenzie Martin says:

your thumbnails are literally my favorite thing

Quintus Aurelius Symmachus says:

When a guy shotguns his boots. It just screams poser.

summerdying111 says:

Those stupid shirts with wolves on it

samuel monterrosa says:

What about wearing getto hats? Could that count especially if you have good hair? Because to me most hats can look good on people who lack hair or a style even.

shin says:

>talks about fashion sins
>wears v-neck

Asmodeus Thenatos says:

not matching dress socks with dress pants. suits that are two sizes too big. lacking color coordination. not fixing hair or shaping beard. just some of them

Sowy says:

whats that brown spot in his left eye

Oxxy MC says:

I think everybody should wear what they love ….but fucking them thick ass tube socks with any pair of jeans

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