3 Style Rules MOST Men Get WRONG! Accessory Wearing Mistakes That KILL Your Style!

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that there are THREE rules for wearing and pairing men’s accessories. So many of men crap the bed with the accessory game.

After today’s video, you will have zero reasons to get this wrong. Compliment, coordinate, and don’t overdo it. Accessories are awesome and can take your look to the next level. If you lock down these 3 rules, you’ll be doing better than 95.7% of other dudes out there that look like a douche.

Rules for Men’s Accessories

1. Match metals and leathers – you will never go wrong if you match your metals, but it’s not as critical as matching your leathers. The leathers should match in finish AND texture.

2. Match fabrics and patterns (socks, ties, pocket squares) – ties and pocket squares should coordinate but the pattern should be different in width and dimension.

3. Don’t overdo it! Remember that less is more.

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Nayeem Alam says:

can I have the TIEGE HENLEY delivery from BANGLADESH?

2423 6585 says:

gives gentleman advice and wears glued together italian shoes and TIE BARS :D:D:D:D:D

Robdrums Studios says:

I don’t follow trends, I create them.

John Bradshaw says:

Is there a correct arm to wear a watch? Dominate or non-dominate? Or personal preference?

Michael Frymus says:

I cant even wear the same pair of socks

Dustin Poier says:

I actually liked the purple tie

Galaxy Emperor says:


James Alexander says:

This video totally contradicts your video 2 years ago that you made about accessorizing

Jason Krick says:

Real guys don’t and don’t need to accessorize.

Jennifer Warner says:

Lmao lol luv you ..so funny. And ur so so right !! Lol

Adon says:


Otto Parker says:

alpha m. you are a nice man, little short, but that is fine. Regardless, my question is aren’t we all allowing ourselves to be betas under control of the ZOG? Seems to me that the Jews are more alpha than any chad. What can we do to free ourselves from this hell hole?

PaddyWestside says:

Can i wear my black g-shock tac style watch with black leather bracelets on the other hand?

Rider63 says:

What about white leather shoes I.e. Stan Smith adidas ?

jeffsor47 says:

If you want a masculine image dump the earrings. That’s just good common taste.

Steven Verhoeve says:


Michael says:

4:05 Whoa whoa whoa… hold on… Did he say he showed his WIFE?? I totally got a wrong read on this guy. Haha. I’m kind of relieved now.

Paco says:

you got something in your eye


gold is not good for men
helth thrut

Mystic Mac says:

When did alpha males become women?

Bk Adnan says:

U sound like a salesman when u take names of products and force to buy sounds like a knob head lolz

Austin M says:

that purple and blue tie from the gentleman’s box looks like wild berry pop tarts 3:32

Joshua Myat says:

Tiege Hanley made me give my boss a promotion.

Planetary Life says:

I’m not sure why I watch these… I’m not a man I’m a woman

Nico G0212 says:

Is that a Rolex?

Andres Garcia says:

So I just finished watching the 3 rules for accessories, I’m a veteran I wear a memorial bracelet, and I get a lot of complements about it, but I want to start wearing watches. How would I be able to wear a watch but without having to ditch the bracelet and not look like a dumbass? Can anyone help?

bag o' toe tags says:

Here’s seven more things done wrong; never shower with your watch on, don’t wear a gold chain to the gym while working out, never sleep in bed in your suit, don’t wear un-polished scuffed up shoes anywhere, don’t use a hanky like your grandpa did saving buggers for a week, cover your mouth when yawning so nobody sees your gaping black hole and wash your hands with soap before leaving a restroom.

Alex Contt says:

Horrible voice hurt me! shut…

chris malone says:

Earrings are for girls

Armani Nguon says:

Dam I screwed up my pocket square, and tie.

Gary Vee says:


gatlar28 says:

What is wrong with your left eye?

Nicky Dee says:

I have a silver watch with gold accents so I can mix metals

asad khan mughal says:

Branded stuff don’t makes you stylish sometimes i know guys wear Gucci and still look shit and some wear the cheap jeans and look awesome dressing sense is all you need

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