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5 Things you need to STOP wearing now!
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Question for you: What do you think men should never wear?

If you wear any of the items on my list, it might be time for an upgrade. These 5 things men should never wear have all been worn by yours truly, so please take my advice, coming straight from personal experience and stop wearing these items! Here are 5 things men should never wear:

1 – Baggy pants
2- Earrings
3- Sports Jerseys
4- Watch the video! 🙂
5- Cargo shorts

What I’m wearing:
Shirt: http://bit.ly/2vMtJAs
Jeans: http://bit.ly/2vtY9w4
Watch: http://bit.ly/2vLi1WQ
Shoes: Zara

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Men should never wear this | Guys should never wear this

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VARUN stark says:

I mean slippers

kbelmar says:

Baggy jeans are coming back in 2018

Lea Lopez says:

Preachh ……. preachh about the earings….. preaach…. also sports jersey need to goooo…

nameinaframeindy says:


Joshua Rappaport says:

This really sounds like alpha m’s video

Harsh Aroor says:

YOU ARE A GREAT INSPIRATION to me..Alex Brother Keep Guiding us..:)

Young G says:

Notification squad where ya at?

Everyday Gentleman says:

That awkward moment when it’s cheaper to buy new pants that fit than getting them tailored

Xrona_ Minez says:


Lucas Sanches says:

Baggy pants remembers me of Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

El Philly says:

Baggy is coming back brutha. Wide leg. Cropped pants. Skater jeans. I wouldn’t say skinny will go away but it def will look out sooner than later. Agreed on the rest though! Well done! Cheers.

Ben Obryon says:

Go browns

Justin Ortega Gaming says:

George mason patriots?

Man from Nantucket says:

Is it ok to wear women’s underwear?

Asking for a friend

The one .1 says:

Do you speak Portuguese

Vedant Sk says:

You are the most unique YouTuber. Just love your videos and tips

Theolix says:

I literally got curious in your height…

Lea Lopez says:

Hii… i just found your vids, and i loove it. I will subscribe… i agree to most of your opinion but i kinda not 100% into your style. Im trying to be that sleek guys like you, but im 40 pounds overweight soo i cant dressed that good. For me, cargo pants and baggy pans could work if you have the perfect length orr the pants suit you…

I mean i looove to be the sleek guy like you, when people look at you just straight up “OK, he dressed fabulous”, but i loove to dressed with a little of mismatch, a little imperfection, when people will look at me and say “Wow, that pants are hideous, but he made it woorrrkkk, i wonder how…… ?” That’s my styling goal, coz it’s more memorable than being ultra sleeeeek AF

Marc Freudendal says:

Baggy pants ? Fuck you

Balkaran Singh says:

U r good Alex nice to ur subscriber

angelbert sola says:

Thanks Alex Im new to your Channel and I already like what you have to say.


I’m black so the earrings and “basketball and baseball” jerseys look good on us

Sean Mourey says:

Let’s gompatriots been a fan since 97

Milliardo5 says:

Very loose pants that practically show your behind. As in really, I still see people who wear that. Worst thing is it’s like that, it’s baggy, wearing a sports jersey and a cap on backwards. And is over 40. Seriously.

xXLTRZXx says:


Mike Hairston says:

I am guilty f the cargo shorts though. It is just hard to find nice shorts that fit someone my height with skinny legs, but a wide waist. Jeans work well most of the time, but that is about it.

Shayne McMillin says:

Not sure I can still watch if your a Patriots fan! lol JK

DKMsports says:

earrings only look good on black people

Mike Hairston says:

Great tips Alex. But, you had me at the patriots lol Steeler Country Baby!!

Roberto Rezende says:

I love cargo shorts 🙁

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