Air Force | Earrings policy

Are men allowed to wear Earrings in the Air Force?!
I talk about the Air Force Earring policy/regulation.
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Earrings in the Air Force. Something many people don’t understand and even more people don’t actually look up the Air Force earrings regulation to know the rules. Know the rules of what you are doing or what you are correcting someone one. Men are allowed to wear earrings in the Air Force and it can be found in AFI 36-2903. Knowledge is power especially in the Air Force.

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jeff Webb says:

Not a good look. Little decisions like that can impede your career.

Ryan Bavier says:

Could you do a vid on special forced or maybe more specifically pj’s its hard to find information and it would make for a good video.

Aeman Abbas says:

Hello. Thx for ur Video, I m a male turning 29 years old this year I’m I still able to join the airforce? What’s the requirements for that?

Joshua Putnam says:

Kyle question for you. My recruiter would like me to try for a cct since he thinks I’d be good for it instead of just regular air traffic control. What are your thoughts?

You Cant Skate says:

anyone leave march 28th? if so add me on snapchat for a group chat my snapchat is “youcantskate”

glenn stanley says:

leaving March 14th!! thanks for all the info Bro!!

Ryan Andreozzi says:

Andy Garcia, good luck at BMT. Also, Kyle, what was your reasoning for joining the US air force and why did you choose the field your in? I want to be a fighter pilot for the FA-22 Raptor. Do you think I’ll get deployed a lot? I wanna be deployed. After the things I hear about the Air Force being so called “lazy” and all, I understand that USAF does ALOT more than others think, but if I’m gonna be a fighter pilot, I wanna be deployed. Help ground troops and do air to air combat. Are fighter pilots deployed alot?

Rogelio Orquiz says:

can you talk about hair policies?

Bruno Gomez says:

AFI 36-2903!!!

Hilary Frew says:

This video is hilarious and really informative. Thanks!

nicholas parrott says:

thanks Kyle for another informational video translating AFI regs

Rectionz_Astro says:

Could you make a video explaining the Aptitude area’s when selecting a job or aptitude are at MEPS?

Aaron Randall says:

You’re wearing earrings. You are not a male

Brian Recoma says:

Can you do a video on Air Force Active Duty vs Air Force Reserves or Air National Guard.
I’m trying to pick between Active Duty or Reserves/Air National Guard. My soul purpose in joining the Air Force is mainly for education benefits.

Timur Kuzibaev says:

Kyle I wished you did a video on “how to select a good recruiter?” Questions you should ask?

Addison M says:

You used to edit and make rap videos with some of your buddies, if I remember right. Whenever you wear your earrings it reminds me of them. Forgot what you guys called yourselves but I remember a song with the words infinity & beyond. It’s still pretty catchy lol

Dr. Dre says:

Kyle, what kind of earrings are those? They look nice. I’m actually getting one of my ears pierced. Just wanna know what kind those are.

Eliseo Noriega says:

Anyone here leaving on April 18th?!?!?

jacob studt says:

can you make a video about the community college of the Air Force because the info out there about it sucks. thanks like the vids btw

David & Shida says:

Well put together bro


I’m 4’9 am I eligible to join the Air Force?

DrBobaliscious says:

Kyle, you keep saying “regs” throughout the video, but really you are only referencing an “instruction”. Trust me when I say this, but there is a MSgt or higher who knows the “regs” or “instructions” better than you! You don’t want to be identified as a “barracks lawyer” by your superiors…

Lakenya Rosser says:

My recruiter told me all piercings have 2 go

Andre Taylor says:

Really good topic man. Got roasted last week by retiree for wearing earring off base out out of uniform, if I knew red that well I would have been able to defend myself.

Christina Edge says:

Can women wear fake/acrylic nails if they are a natural length and color?

Anthony Jordan says:

what do the rules say if i have gauges?

David miles says:

Does size matter in Special Operations?

Zeke Dorsey says:

Video starts at 4:53. Your welcome

pree moore says:

you should be a recruiter

Mooshie says:

Kyle love your videos man. Are you a possibly a recruiter on the side?

sohelpmehannah says:

If I’m a spouse with a nose piercing, would I need to take it out when I go on base? Thank you! My hubby is in San Antonio for BMT right now☺️

iiRaqz says:

What if I don’t have any piercings and plan to get one, but I have already went to Meps and did my full physical and now in the DEP program. Can I get them still and take them off before BMT then put them back on when I’m actually in the Air Force off duty ? Or I can’t get them until after training?

Omoye Nosa says:

can you do contacts in the air force

Luke Adams says:

Hey Kyle, I am a sophomore in high school and I want to join the Air Force Security Forces. I was wondering when I should start talking to a recruiter? Am I too young now? or is now a good time?

Joseph Lombardi says:

I enjoy your vlogs very much ! Makes the process before joining a little bit easier to understand. I have one question, I had a misdemeanor weed possession charge and I did everything my recruiter told me to do, I got him all the police reports and gave him a letter on what happened. Also gave him in that letter was why I wanted to join. I did everything he asked of me for enlisting. I’m just curious how long does it take for them to approve you? Or what is the process with having a waiver? I’m an impatient person lol your videos also help with that too! But yeah I would like some help understanding the process a little bit more. Thanks

Catalyst Media says:

make a video explaining the softbook program! itd be very helpful for someone like me whos joining it in april.

FlyBoy Dill says:

So basically yes; just not in uniform

Bananaz UserName says:

Can you make a video on if you could go back to before you joined the air force would you? And what would you change

Mindless Wen says:

I was wondering if we are aloud to bring retainers to basic training or will they confiscate that?

Goffe says:

As always Kyle good video and as always, thank you for your service to our nation.

Tristen Walker says:

Dude, i didnt know you went to basic with my sister. Shes your friend on facebook lol. I leave for basic in 9 hours

I S L A N D B A B Y says:

I’ll save you guys the pain of watching this long winded video. Just scroll to 5:40 or the simple answer is no earrings while in uniform unless you’re a woman. You’re welcome. Lol.

cameron huey says:

Hey Kyle, I am soon going to be joining the Air Force and I have found all of your videos very helpful and informative, I was wondering exactly how your pay would work with the job you do and base pay? Do you get a salary pay for the job you have and base pay or what because I have found different websites with different things so if you could help that would be awesome!! Thank you!

miscmccoy says:

Is that a tragus piercing in your right ear?

Alexxix Beil says:

I have my nostril pierced but I can put in a clear flat stud and it looks like I just have a small black hole in my nose you can’t see the jewelry. Would that pass in uniform?

Anthony Martin says:

Hey Kyle, what about Gaged ears? What are the policies with that? I want to enlist but my ears are Gaged to 1/4in. I’ve taken them out to let them close but it’s a very slow process :/

Autumn Menen says:

I leave for BMT on April 4th! There are a whole bunch of us in a group chat, if you leave the 4th then feel free to join us!

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