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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, aaron marino of, shows you how to look like a bad boy even if you aren’t one. By using accessories and cool bad boy bracelets, necklaces, rings and other great pieces, you can create your own bad boy look. Most of us where not born bad boys, but now we can look like a bad boy by accessorizing like a bad boy. It is easier than you may think to look super cool by just wearing a few great accessories.

This is the fourth video in the bad boy style video series.

You are a lot of things, but you aren’t a bad boy. All the ladies love the bad boys, and the nice dudes hate them. The look screams, “I’m going to break your heart” and women are powerless over this bad boy bravado. But what happens to you, the nice guy, when the object of your affection is out there swooning over bad decision? You can trick people by ‘looking’ like a bad boy! Accessorizing is the icing on the bad boy cake.
Accessories that finish the bad boy look and outfit
If you are wearing a toe ring, take it off.
Take off ankle bracelets too.
Don’t have your navel pierced.
Nipple piercings are a wild card, leaning toward bad boy if you’re ripped.
Pierced ears are also on the fence bad boy. Gauges are not advised because they look like stretched out butt-holes. Earrings can look great but should be simple and subtle.
Rings – wear 1 per hand on the middle finger or index finger of the right hand. The rings should compliment each other if wearing 2.
Necklace – cool, rugged, and unique. It shouldn’t be worn over the top of your shirt. Get a hint of it only.
Bracelets and Watches- casual or dress and you can wear multiple bracelets on the same wrists. You can mix materials too. Combine with a super cool watch, and you have bad boy perfection.


Rimmerlew Lukaku says:

bracelets are for bitches

Meenakshi Raghuwanshi says:

Why only 1 per hand alpha….??? what not 2 is there any jenual reason

OldSport says:

Alpha reeks of douche in this video.


Bad Boy Styles Accessories
1. No Toe Rings.
2. Pierce only in the proper places. (All in all just say “No!”)
3. Great ring (One per hand) Middle Fingers or Ring Fingers.
4. Necklaces (Not outside of your shirt)
5. Bracelets with watch.
There you go “Gentleman”

Michael Dobson says:

I just have a dimond in my ear FAM its dope

Mr. Tagfire says:

Selling weed…enough?

Aaron Chase says:

Dude, you are amazing

lyutsin21 says:

Earrings are feminine and you have actually put a piece of metal through a hole in your ear. I would never get any piercing or tattoo.

Rikth Dcruze says:

Hit the gym and eat right!

Smøøg says:

Do people acually wear toe rings xd

Debbie Cisco says:

Girl love good boys to

Thee Prodigy says:

Alpha m there’s this guy that appeared in Ink Master season 1 that ( billi) looks/reminds me of you. Yes he looks like you, you don’t look like him.

Septic Limb says:

What the fuck did I just watch…..

Every “Bad boy” wears his anal beads on his wrist.

ayush bhendkar says:

hey alpha would you suggest me what kinda mens necklace/locket should be used in accessorizing , should the locket have a metallic appeal or simple class leather look

suck these big irish nuts says:

bad boys aint wearing that gay shit

Gabriel Waggoner says:

I’m black! YASSS

Ryan Le says:

In our generation,we use the term “Fuck Boy” not “Bad Boy” it makes me cringe when people say it.

Bluhbbery Muffin says:

I’m soft and doughy

Raven5 The day says:

I think the ultimate bad boy would be wearing an ankle bracket. U know the kind that calls the police when u walk too far

Son Of liberty1776 says:

Three things bad boys have switch blade, old pistol, cool tats

Tim Seaman says:

you keep doing what you are doing,and keep thinking outside the box.

Darkovian Cody says:


Frank V says:

Good tips, I have a fat Cuban gold chain and bracelet but like to keep it under my V-Neck

MaxHasNoFriends says:

Whenever he said “And we sit alone, watching YouTube videos.” I was like, “HE’S ONTO MEEE!!!”

Angel Cervantes says:

rip EARS

Justin Leboisvert says:

Those who try to look like the others are losers. Sheeps never win anyway. Oh and by the way, real “bad boys” wear gang tattoos and orange suits cuz they’re in prison. Anyway, don’t let yourself tempted with trouble and shit in order wet some white pussies. Work on your personnality and the rest will follow! Don’t be a wonderful asshole. Be a handsome human woth manners and personnality. 😉

pzg2008 says:

bad boys dont make bracelets …

SRT8Driver says:

and what kind of women do ‘bad boyz’ attract?

correct!: skanky, sleazy, STD’ridden whores, where you can actually see the sleaze drip off them like that slime in Ghostbusters….any men wanna rock with that? no? didn’t think so!


Anthony Shepherd-Keys says:

Where can I get that jacket he has on

Carlos Olvera says:

bro you are amazing and life saving !

Alaroyde says:

Vin deisel wears a necklace on a top

Maximus Voitk says:

Where can i get a necklace like that?

Ulises Flores says:

I absolutely love this YouTube channel

L Hampel says:

dressing like a slob 101?

uret7 says:

I was totally with you all the way up until the bracelets. Bad boys don’t wear bracelets.

Geeta Dubey says:

how much you speak man….its jst boring….come to the topic…unsubsribed you…

BroncosBoi18 says:

A watch and bracelet on the same wrist? I wouldn’t call that “bad boy” I would call it “stupid”

Gabriel Hicks says:

the day of THE LORD is at hand… the prophets prophicized about these things in the world

Ivan Mariy says:

im high as a mofo this dude is 10/10 😀 😀 😀

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