Do women like men with earrings?

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Do women like men with earrings?

Hi guys and welcome back to Kama TV with me Annabel Pugh! The modern day male has rapidly developed into somewhat of a Peacock!

Nowadays Guys are wearing more jewellery then ever before. But what do us girls think of guys wearing earrings? Do we like Christiano’s diamonds or maybe the Jack Sparrow look…or would we rather you just didn’t..?!

Well let’s get some answers!

Keep watching as Kama TV has hit the streets with Annabel Pugh to find out the real answers from real women! Some answers are shockingly interesting!

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Hope you enjoy!

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ogod sod says:

first wrong step as a guy is to gaf about what females want and their opinions. A guy should be firm about himself and she will obey, if not he will be her slave. i wear earstuds and get pussy easy af

Krenar Kastrati says:

they like heavy wallet

Joseph Galvez says:

Ugly women wants earrings on a man. Hot women prefer no earrings that settles it lol.

George Payazitis says:

It’s depends how you were them, if you put one on its ok, but if you put to on it does look poofy, and some look residuals, some look ok I’m going to get one, one day.


you are hot as fuck

Nate Murdoch says:

Annabel is the only reason to watch this.

Sculpin says:

Female privilege

Mostafa Nikouyee says:

well that helped

A K says:

1:03 Lol

Browser unknown says:

Men shouldn’t wear earrings, the ones who do are beta male cucks. Only women should earrings. And the woman hosting this video is gorgeous and sexy.

Indrid Cold says:

I try to be as nondescript as I can. I have clothing with no logos, writing, or patterns. I have no tattoos. I have no jewelry. I am of the anonymous people that seem to be in the background that nobody knows, nobody hates, nobody loves, nobody really notices. I am just background fill space.

DBK says:

Earing is definitely feminine!!!!

orbitaldildo says:

Annabel Pube?

Atem S. says:

they make me laugh, you talk about being not manly enough yet they wear pink, act like women, talk like women, starting to dress like a woman but that’s manly!?! I have earring and don’t give a F what woman wants! My life doesn’t revolve on make them happy… That’s why I barely have any in my life and less trouble!

hioxovo says:

Only with pure gold ones

Yasir says:

they like men with wallets hanging on their ears

John M says:

The only men who wear ear rings are pirates…. or gay….or gay pirates.

D35611 says:

With as many 1%er’s that wear earrings in the MC world, I find it comical that some women find it feminine. I’ll bet there are a few POL that would be glad to explain it to them.

blue cap milk says:

only if it is an expensive earing

MrZombieIsHungry says:

Men wearing earrings, girly colors like pink, bow ties, cross their legs, give off feminine gestures in how they carry themselves or speak… Is all signs you’re dealing with a homo and not a real man. On the flip side…. Women with butch hair cuts, wear masculine clothing, screwed up feminist mindsets, are not real women either. Men need to be real men and women need to be women. Men and women are not equal…. but different. Society needs to get back to where it once was years ago.

sauce oikju says:

The girl at 3:18 is stunning, her voice is sooooo sexy.

Dave Lee says:

Gee you guys are running out of ideas lol

steve STAR says:

Millennial men are silly wimps.

Will LC1996 says:

Great channel guys but please don’t put that Despacito trash in the background LOL.

yes no says:

Yet, i fucked so many of them and never heard any of them complaining about my earrings. Typical woman, never means what they say in public lol As a man you are a salesmen, always selling (no matter what “JOB” or “Work” you do) and advertising is a huge part of selling to your biggest consumer – woman. So earrings goes with that package if you know how to pull it off… Take Usher or David Beckham as an example… Do you think these woman would turn them down because they don’t like their earrings…? I don’t think so….

HBOX1000 says:

Do women like a man with a lazy eye is the question? What About men who wear glasses?

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