Earrings On Men Are Feminine

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Brad Hobbsy says:

Like really its one thing to have an opinion its another to be rude and this guy is just that, and you use of the word “Queer” makes you look like a punk bitch

Jenna Carr says:

It’s not the 40s and the devil has a beard !

wolf pack says:

personally i think there is nothing wrong in wearing earings..God doesnt care about what u wear..or what u eat..he just see ur heart..thats it…correct me if im wrong

Andres Celano says:

Real men don’t give a shit about what is in other men’s ears. That’s a bit sus tbh for you to be so worried about what another man wears. Besides look at yourself, all out of shape with that dumbass haircut talking about how a real man looks lmao

Brad Hobbsy says:

This guy is an absolute fucking idiot

Vinay Manjeshwar says:

Hahahahahaha delusional man

Chris Vega says:

Fuck you nigga pussy ass bitch

Thsiscool says:

An earing doesn’t justify what is a man or not. For me, a “man” is a person who protects, provides, and loves his family.
Through Christ, anyone, whether you’re pierced or not, rich or poor, priest or prostitute, can be saved as he takes you in as you are.
Peace be with you.

Anthony K アントニー says:

Kys and fuck u and ur god

Jarrad Miller says:

This is so fucked up.

patrick williams says:

“Men” don’t wear earrings….period.

OME10S says:

this asshole should be in jail for spreading hate and intolerance for retards
Anderson is a shame for mankind

saved03 says:

Just because a guy wears earrings. Doesn’t mean he isn’t worshipping the One True God. It was their vanity and worship of false gods that they were doing. Earrings are an inanimate object. As long as you place God first. You think God is saying you men are not putting me first if you wear earrings? This is Biblical legalism. Man’s way to control the flock. Jesus Christ wore a dress. If a dress is good for the Lord. It is good for other men. Pastors like this guy are not true to the Word of God if they teach legalism. Legalism places men, women, and children under bondage.

The Glorious One says:

This guy needs to stop whatever hes doing. Really. Just no.

Curtis Thomason says:

um.. Shaquille O’neal.. pretty sure he is like 100% more masculine than you and he has his ear pierced and gots a foot lotion commercial. smh

christopher benson says:

Well done Pastor Yes earrings look absolutely ridiculous in a mans ear

TJ Nichols says:

what cancer this video and channel this is

Meme beaner says:

Y’know pirates? the guys that killed hundreds of innocent people just to get what they wanted and took down anything that stood in their way? They wore earrings. Are they feminine?

1trae9 says:

LOL…Total Bullshit and I don’t even have my ears pierced.


I’m a gay masculine single man without any kids and I wear earrings.You don’t know what you are talking about and you know nothing about being a masculine man or a real man at all.Not all guys with earrings are feminine guys.

TheCodFather says:

Says the guy who wear’s a wedding ring. Men wearing wedding rings did not become normal until the mid 20th century, let alone when the bible was written. This guy is a horrible example of a REAL CHRISTIAN MAN, and implying that God feels the same way as he does is reminds me of the pharisees in the bible. Hopefully he does not have a vary large following who haveto listen to the hateful rhetoric, I go to New Life Church and have heard many pastors in my lifetime speak on the topic of men wearing womens clothing and never once have they said anything like this. You sir are a joke.

XalacSeth says:

Could someone explain his 1948-reference? I dont unterstand it, sorry. But all I unterstand ist bullshit so far.

johndoby says:

Disgusting ideology.

Oliver Volclaid says:

To be honest with you. I don’t agree with what he is saying. I’m saved, I believe in God, and read my Bible. My ears are pierced and to be quiet Frank with you it does not affect your masculinity. We’re always told in church to look things up ourselves and not take the word from someone else, because they could interpret the word differently from you.

Anthony Hernandez says:

What a fggt

Yanet Morera says:

shut the fuck up

4K Cichlids says:

What a religious professor! If god is base on the same way you are talking about other men is very sad. Have you ever seen the natural history channel? Because according to god rules on nature, male birds are the ones that look feminine because their looks are used to attract mates, also fish take for example African cichlids! Only the males fish are flamboyant because that’s how they Attract mates. And if you go by history, we human beings adapted some of those animals cultures in which males back in the time were the ones that wore makeup! Tell me is not true? From the Egyptians to the native and Africans every single male wore makeup to attract mates.

Sadly on today’s society, people like you, “who actually by the way you were talking about some men was very disrespectful” are the ones who help on the movement to have men not wearing makeup and jewelry because it is feminine and the judgements. I bit you that if I place you in front of me with a man wearing earrings that man will have a bigger cock than you. A men is not measured for what he wears. And you are the worst preacher ever if you really believe in god.

Press o Toast says:

Why can’t people just do what they want to do without being judged by people with religion.

Spiritual Warfare says:

I thank God I found this video! I had my ears pierced 3 years ago before I was saved. As soon as I saw the title of this video I threw em away!

Paul mark says:

Your a bigot and a complete A hole,find yourself a real church and get saved

Ryker Hunt says:

I just wish that he would take the words of the bible and spread love and acceptance instead of connecting invisible dots with transparent lines in order to make it sound like his God agrees with something that comes off blatantly as his own self conscious emasculated and unfairly judgmental opinion

blackhairedrubio says:

Rubbish. Only speaking from personal belief. I hear you use the word of God at the beginning as a segway into just your personal opinion and agenda. Also the way you refer to “queers” is almost as if you have something against them. Most definitely NOT preached in love. All i see here is intolerance and belittlement and quite frankly some hardcore arrogance. Try again buddy. Using gay people as somewhat of a joke. “I think that..” blah blah blah. I was looking for an honest scripture centered basis for a question and find this belittling garbage. You’re not giving a good picture of a christian.

radodrill says:

None of the verses referenced here by the preacher are saying that earrings are not for men. The verses he reads (Genesis 35:2-4) are stating that Jacob’s household took off their earrings, the household includes both men and women.
He also states that Genesis 24 refers positively to women wearing earrings. In this chapter Abraham sends his servant with all his goods to find a bride for his son Isaac. The servant presented Rebekah with an earring and 2 bracelets. This shows that the earring belonged to Abraham and does not indicate that he did not wear it himself. While the chapter does approve of women wearing earrings, it does not condemn men wearing them as well.
The preacher also references Ezekiel 16. This passage is talking about the city of Jerusalem. In many languages most cities, rivers, ships, etc are given feminine pronouns; and as such the passages are not negatively referring to men wearing earrings.
Also, In Exodus 32:2-4, Aaron tells the people to give him the earrings worn by their wives, sons, and daughters so that he can use the gold to make the calf. Here the scripture clearly shows that earrings were worn by both men and women.
Furthermore, both Exodus 21:6 and Deuteronomy 15:17 are positively referring to both men and women getting their ears pierced. Both these passages state that if the servant being set free wishes to serve the master forever, then the master is to thrust an awl through the servants ear into the doorpost and he will be his servant forever. The passages also say to do likewise to a maidservant. These verses can indicate that a person (man or woman) can get their ear(s) pierced as a sign of servitude and devotion to God.

In essence I do not believe that the scriptures condemn men wearing earrings nor state that it is feminine. Also, men throughout history have worn earrings; in fact, portraits of William Shakespeare show him wearing an earring.

Many things currently viewed as feminine originated as masculine. For example high heels were originally worn by the Mongolian riders for better grip in the stirrups; King Louis XIV of France copied this and it became a status symbol among the men in the court. Additionally, dress-like garments have been worn by men and women throughout history in many cultures (e.g. Romans wore tunics and togas). Many cultural historians have shown that peoples who were hunters typically wore pants as the shape of the hides was better suited to making pants, while cultures with woven fabrics generally wore dress-like garments. Further, the “tradition” of men having short hair originated in WW1 when the soldiers often had lice, so their heads were shaved for health reasons. Also, the whole blue is for boys, pink is for girls is a construct that originated in the 1920’s.

An interesting side-note is that in the English language there are no gender-specific pronouns. In German for example, pants, jackets, shoes, necklaces, and blouses are given feminine pronouns while dresses, aprons, rings, earrings, bracelets, and hats are given masculine pronouns.

The point is clothes, jewelry, etc are objects, which are gender neutral. Wear what you believe is right with God and appropriate for the environment. i.e. I do not believe it is not appropriate to wear bikinis to church or a store etc, but they are fine at the pool/beach; similarly, being naked in public is not right even if there are no laws prohibiting it.

Dom says:

Shirts are feminine. A real man would show of his abs of steel.

girl4god says:

I’ve always thought that men with earrings look feminine. Some even wear one in each ear.

Meme beaner says:

God fuck this guy. Ive been wearing diamond studs since i was 9 years old and its gotten me laid. Only pussies like this guy have to rely on fairy tales to tell them what is right and wrong.

Children Bitches. says:

Where the fuck did i land…
What kind of fuckshit is this?

Hammod Elbatal says:

he is a good for a deep ass fuck

samthalyricist says:

His face makes him look feminine

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