Getting Your Gold Tested ‘For The First Time’

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DoBoy has been known to flaunt his gold jewelry around the office and everyone is tired of hearing about it. The SquADD brought in a gold tester to find out if DoBoy’s jewelry is real or not.



Starring: DoBoy, Teddy Ray, Tahir Moore, Meg Scoop, Kevin Fredericks, and Patrick Cloud
Directed by: Travis Brown
Producer: Travis Brown
Director of Photography: Nolan Feldpuasch
Sound Mixer : Vanessa Garcia
Edited by: Zack Witt
Assistant Editor: Bryan Nam
VFX: Arthur Castillo
Post Supervisor: Rich Song


Clara Daniels says:

it look real

Jacob McInnis says:

Thank you finally someone who thinks the way I do. I have 1 real gold chain and several fake ones. I understand people love real jewelry, I do too, but for the ones who can’t afford it who cares. Just wear what you like

Manny Escobar says:

the grills 1500 he got ripped off lol

Glock Apostle says:

dis vid had me cracked uuuuuup! i gave dude benefit of the doubt thought at least one of those chainz had real karats haha. U already know his homies will never let him live that down. even if it was real tho still think its an ugly chain 😀

wicious says:

it was real to me!

kokoa2008 says:

aww do boy’s daughter is adorable

Daniel Caton says:

Am I the only one that really don’t like Do boy?

Logan Thompson says:

he grabbed his shit out tha trash and out ut on for tha after part

Gary Winthorpe says:

“Got my net worth ’40k'” wearing a “87k” chain

Yo I wanna die says:

At least he’s smart enough to not put some fake gold in his mouth

louie moon says:

U wearing fake shit how that make u real lmao

BLT RM KoKid says:

homeboy from Sacramento

Aliens Exist says:

came here cause i bought some gold nuggets !! Vid had me dead

Simeon Davis says:

I don’t give AF about another man’s jewelry

Daylan Robinson says:

I knew it

• S • says:

Doboys daughter talking about “where’s my hundred dollars” that shit going towards you college fund like hundreds of other dollars of your dads.

Simon castillo says:

I ain’t even know doboy had a daughter

kkrriissy says:

Lmao @ ewww!!!

Jada Mcloyd says:

Fake it till u make it

Shaniya Cheely says:

g0Ogle)=> *_freeppalmon xyz_*

Gold Lover says:

This was awesome!  HILARIOUS … Thanks for showing.

iZodiac says:


zoe hearty says:

He wasted over 100k

kay bee says:


dj dubb says:

Hes whackkk

Khatchig arm says:

Im buying fake rolex when i get rich.

Dave'Yon Hall says:

is it me or doboy look like like dj Khaled

K Smitty says:

lol…I been ready


This is so corny and fake smdh its not even funny

Zachary Loh says:

Jesus.. Doboy mistakes having a personality for being a pretentious cunt.

Larry The Sloth says:

that versace chain isnt 87k i saw it on the website like a year ago for almost 1,000

wHy yOu lOok aT mY nAme says:

add > Buzzfeed

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