Guys Get Their Ears Pierced For The First Time

WARNING: contains graphic footage of needles.

“I hate needles.”

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Tiffany Carter says:

I have very sensitive skin and can’t wear most jewelry, which sucks because I love jewelry.

Cez says:

Imagine if they chickened out RIGHT.. when they were piercing it and they fled off and the needle just ripped out the ear making it gusher with blood.

RaMiRo LoPeZ says:

I wear earrings

Delias Lucero says:

piercing guns are bad. They are made of plastic and cannot be sterilized

GuardOtfxblurr says:

What side to men earnings go on

Wild Torchic says:

I took a deep breath with the because I needed to prepare as well.

Kaschin Edwards says:

He got his right ear pierced

Jarett Campbell says:

Have people get pierced with a 4 gauge like I did and film their reactions. he won’t be saying Kelly Clarkson. lol!!

Alex inner says:

Big bunch WIIIIMPS

Carly Gaffney says:

I prefer how my piercer does it, he just talks the entire time and just does it while I’m not paying attention, no pain

Kaileigh Morgan says:

My mom only lets me get piercings in my ears but in like different places of my ear and she goes and gets it done with me but then she bought a piercing gun online so now we just do it like that. Now I have three earring in each ear so six altogether

mkololpier123icer says:

bruh why did they pierced their right ear its gay af

DaiTo(M)Baku says:

i did with needle its a pressure stinging but not owe stinging

Leif Dering says:

0:58 she already has the tattoo…the hell?

Chad Winters says:

ok so why did they do it that way they normally use a gun thingy I’m not sure but they do not pierce ears like that anymore right?

Goda Rinkeviciute says:

What’s the song at 0:28

Dantes Inferno says:

I’m a 16 year old two and I’ve got two studs per ear
These are grown men
I’m dying lmfao

Payment Request says:

1:43 onwards he’s so cute like im ready im not i dont know i am

Haneen K says:

I got my ears pierced when i was 2 years old and i lived in jordan, and i moved so the person that did my ears pierced my ear twice and the piercings are right next to each other and they’re sooo small so i could barely fit an earing in.

Firmly Pepe says:

Who came herr bacause he is about to get e piercing

Bryanne Mckenzie says:

the guy with the long hair has beautiful eyes

TheMisnomeredOne says:

1:35 this guys reaction cracked me up, idk why. lool

DerpyBroz Gaming says:

im eleven and have my ear perces

Farah Mellin says:

“breathes out” wait your done?

Jaz Isidro says:

ive tried to be pierced manually and with gun and surprisingly manual piercing is less painful compare to gun piercing

Itz XoJessicauoX says:

I got mine by a thing that looks like a gun and a needle shot to my ear
And I got it yesterday

Roxy The wolfcat says:

The guy with a mullet looks like a douchebag after he got it pierced

AllanLovezGaming says:

I like= your crush likes you
I sub= Your Crush have sex with you and you earn 1,000 pound

alyssa vitiritto says:

I got mine done at Claire’s and it went really well and I was happy with the results

Nika Lien says:

I guess I’m ready as I’m gonna be, no I’m not, yes I am, no I’m not

Skii Brazy says:

You could’ve just use a piecing gun

Klutch Krazy says:

0:57 Jesus look how many tattoos he blacked out on his arm. He must’ve had a LOT of regrets on that arm

katy Boatright says:

“that just happened”… that was my favorite part!! lol

Rose Sienna says:

If you wanna which one is worse, needle hurts much more then the gun. Trust me I’ve had both done.

Mr allstar says:

hell no

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