Guys with Nose Ring? My First year Experience

Here is how my first year with my nose piercing has gone.

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2000Fold says:

They used to say the same shit about guys who got their ears pierced! Do you! It’s 2016

Alex Summer says:

Looks raww!! I’m definitely gonna get one

Ed R-J says:

is there a particular side of your nose u should get pierced like my ears the right is the queer side?

thatguy says:

Where you get that fresh sweater?

AJR vlogs says:

dude this helped me so much . I couldn’t decide wether to get one but this video has made me want to.

Justin BUrns says:

Not trying to be racist, but do you think white guys can pull it off? I see lots of light skins with it but I only know two white guys. Lol thanks in advance

Iteru Tantawi says:

I’m from Elephantine Island in East Africa and it is cultural for our men to have two nostril piercings in the same nose. But I live in Texas now-a conservative state- and the ignorance here is stifling . If you think a metal object defines your sexuality I feel sorry you.

Chief says:

Wow.Thanks nick. I have really been thinking about getting one. Now, i know I am sure. Thanks.

Dorian Whyte says:

Hey bro! – just saw this video after I got my nose pierced today. This is a great vid and thanks for your perspective.

Raymundo Enriquez says:

where did you get that sweater it’s nice man

Ada1 Mirez says:

What kind of nose stud do you recommend man? I’m getting mine this week hopefully, but I’m not sure on what kind to get as in a L shape, bone, etc?

Bluee Ice says:

Nice video I’m Gona get mine in the morning I’m not quite sure what my parents will say

Tyler Vinson says:

Good video dude. I made my mind up that I was getting mine a couple months ago, I’m just waiting til I’m 18 which is 3 more months.

Adrian Escalante says:

Thinking about this or a septum piercing. Thank you for the feedback!

mookkuthi mookkuththi says:

u look beautiful

Grandads Juicy hairy pussy says:


Joe Mixson says:

I’m thinking about getting mine done

BJ Ford says:

Got my nose pierced yesterday and I love it

Goku from the 6ix says:

Just got my nose pierced and people love it

Abel & CAIN says:

Im thinking of getting my nose pierced,this was helpful my bro
thanks for this.

paul forsell says:

seem like a very nice guy I think this video will help people who are concerned that it might be considered gay. I just got mine and and it’s big and I like it and I’m straight

CJ Heynes says:

bro, whered you get that african top? i really want one similar to that i just don’t know where to buy them!

iGrimGinger says:

what side of your nose do you have pierced?

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