How to Wear Men’s Jewelry | Carlos Costa

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Carlos gets plenty of questions about the jewelry he wears, and in today’s episode, he’s here to talk about the hardware he sports.

He’s a fan of keeping it simple – Carlos wears one type of metal to keep things uniform. His personal preference is silver, and he isn’t a fan of mixing gold and silver together.

Depending on the outfit, he recommends alternating between a more minimalistic when you’re a bit more dressed up, and rocking a few more pieces when you’re dressed down.

If you’re going to sport something like a leather jacket, then let it rip, amigo. Carlos says you can pull out all the stops and toss on even more rings, even adding on some pendants and bracelets.

Like Carlos’ hardware? Check out the brands he is wearing:
The Great Frog:
Apothic London:
Bloody Mary Metal:
The Rogue and The Wolf:


Musa Khan says:

Its a bit too much with so many rings and tattoos

Andy Oleary says:

How to wear Jewellery? Be a fucking man. Jesus wept, what is wrong with men nowadays. Any man that starts taking this shit seriously needs to really look in the mirror.

True Light says:

Cool man and thank you for your exhaustive videos!! Where ca I find that first Onyx ring? Thank you again!!

Vasco Pires says:

Just got some rings in the past week and became obcessed. Have a question though. Do you ever get used to stuff like holding your phone and that metal on metal sound and feel? Im gonna end up fucking up my electronics lol

power tymer says:

If done right a good silver gold pice. Is not bad. But thats not me eather it gold matching gold or silver matching silver

YB456 SSR says:

I dont even have a beard I just like this guy’s style

soni2295 says:

He reminds me the tukish guy from atlantis.

Leandro Fernandes says:

es portugues?

Walter Lopez says:


Nick Van Olphen says:

Respect. BUT, slowest speaker on youtube? Yup. sucks cuz he’s dope. Cant continue wit dis shit tho lol. goodluck gentlemen

drBulldog342 says:

One ring per hand look cool but more look to much .btw i were gold signet ring on my left index finger,classic gold wedding band , silver necklace and watch,im usually in suit tie,cool beard

SuperPussyFinger says:

The Taliban gives good jewelry advice.

Yiz Whiz says:

he looks like the tattoo man from the greatest showman

I'm Daniel says:

Hey great video , I was just wondering what you do for a living thanks!

Pontiac Khââ says:

Love yur style! The rings is A good way to be different & distinctive style!

Ricardo Ivan says:


Bruh says:

Lmao I really wanna copy the way Chim accessories so this video is great thanks

varad ozarkar says:

hi i basically want to buy the same red colour ring alike to what you own ! can i get the direction to buy it please !

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa says:

Are you portuguese?

WilmoTheBear says:

How to wear jewelry as a man, step one, wrap your lips around that penis, that’s it, you’re gay.

Lilo Pasha says:

make new videos please

Luke Sain says:

From where is that jacket???

Musa Khan says:

He looks like david beckham with a beard

Ahmad AbuJalala says:

you have the best style bro.

BlackVegeta9000 says:

Great video I subbed!

Nick Van Olphen says:

Respect. BUT, slowest speaker on youtube? Yup. sucks cuz he’s dope. Cant continue wit dis shit tho lol. goodluck gentlemen

hp says:

Your voice is boring. Act alive cabron.

Adam Arvidsson says:

Carlos Costa I like your style so much! Btw where did you get the compass ring and allso did you grind down the stone on the big ring making it more flat?

Tobias Flakne says:

Hi Carlos! I just wanted to say that this video helped me out a lot in getting rings! I just got a lion ring in solid silver, and a silver ring with a black stone on it. Can’t wait to wear them!

Yallah y'all says:

@urbanbeadsmen bro PLZ LET ME KNOW WHAT WATCH U HAVE ON RIGHT NOW . I need the name plz

Dan Dominguez says:

I need to know where Carlos got that panther ring!?!? It’s dope!

Jason Slate says:

Love your tattoos you are soo sexy! #woof

Filipe Enlarger says:

its your style. must be respected.

Candy Cane says:

I can’t really understand him

Corey Fry says:

Hey Gents, I’m selling my Rare 9K Gold Lions Ring over on eBay if anyone is interested! Here’s the link:
Hope you enjoy!

Jason Pan says:

Love your jewelry. Make another video on this

Kevo A says:

How to wear mens rings leaders wear them the way they want to wear them followers will listen to what he has to say and wear them his way.

Vladimir Kovacevic says:

silver ring whit smoky quartz looks cool

Vishal Kumar says:

Get a better microphone.
You are wasting your deep voice, and time if your not capturing it right. Up your video production, get a better Microphone, and invest in some Sound Deadning Pads, and Corner Pads , to cut down on some unnecessary echoing problem.

Jason Pan says:

By the way wear do you get the onyx on your index finger?

Adam Foster says:

Don’t forget black jewellery. Chains and bracelet and ring and earrings

Thiaguinho Oitodois says:

Can’t understand you

Stephanie Rodriquez says:

Ugly pedo

Gianni Ellisando says:

great style man

Mati V says:

that beard is fucking awesome

Sam Yah says:

fuck kill me now…
this guy sucks

RealAncestor says:

Hey Carlos! I was wondering where did you get your compass ring? I am searching for a while now, got a big one from Clocks & Colours (The Tortuga ring) but it’s a bit too big for any combinations. Link me pls!

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