KingIce Jewelry Pickup! (Chains, Earrings, Pendants) 5/13

I got my blackout and gold chain in the mail today, along with two pairs of earrings. Let me know what you think!

Shout out to for shipping so quickly. Got this package in record time!

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Gamer Anime fan says:

Luv jewlery 😀

rickitan89 says:

Do the chains leave green marks on your neck after extended wear?

prettyboysplash says:

Awesome bruh Love the videos brogod keep it up

Mitchell Suslovich says:

Cubic zirconium lml every time

Daniel Harper says:

lol he isnt acting black. Just because he is white doesnt mean he cant be into hiphop and fashion

Anthony Nosella says:

Who’s this nigga think he is

Coleman Mullins says:

This guy things he’s a gangster with all this fake gold


are the gold one stainless steel

Terrance Danckert says:

You can’t act black

Mile Mathers says:

But If Your Looking At It From A Distance How can You Tell Its Fake?….Are the King Ice Chains Fake?…Thanx To Whoever Answers This ~Mile

Mb0sS01 says:

Illuminati… 😀

Simon unkown says:

Amazing video cool jewlery

anwar lekki says:

what size are they?

T Rex 952 says:

this clown is a grade A beatoff

Matt K says:

how long do they last?

Germaine Pollard says:

Is kingices Franco chains fake this is a question cuz my mom thinks they’re fake but i still like them

kasey cannon says:

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The Real McFly says:

Real jewellery is not only good for fashion as is plated jewellery, it is also an investment which plated jewelry is not an investment.

deedeeman01 says:

you’re getting ripped off buying from king ice.
if you want real gold or silver and real diamonds for a good price check this site out
or if you have some money to spend and want high quality and custom made jewelry  check out

Thye Wilcox says:

Good video bro im liking the black chain

Yedn says:

Dope shit man

Billy Naboulsi says:

Shut da fuk up stupid ur no a mason for shit

Gamer Anime fan says:

Nice i want the black 1 its HOOOOOT 🙂

Dan.Inspires says:

How many inches are you chains? Just asking for comparison

RIP OWE. says:

lmao this shit be fake as fuck. fake jewelry is the poorest investment and yall look goofy as fuck smh

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