Magnetic Earring Prank on Mexican Mom! GONE WRONG *Slapped*

I bought Magnetic Earrings and Pranked My Mom The Video Was Hilarious Hoped Everybody Enjoyed it Don’t Forget to Like,Subscribe, TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS & Add Me on Instagram Down Below
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TS_ dagoat says:

Goofy nigga

Jonathan Torres says:

Cute ass

Jonathan Torres says:


Ricky says:

Bruh link where u got the earrings

Weeboh .- says:

My mom would go straight for the chancla no comment

Jared Barraza says:

Who made your intro bro? Nice video btw

Young Metro says:

Yo cuz, does it hurt to put those magnetic earrings

DADDY .D says:


TS_ dagoat says:

Liennass nigga never joins my party

Maradonna Gamer says:

you are one ugly motherfucker with or without shit

Htx Chris says:

Were did you buy the rapper chips

Mythic 3cho says:

It’s not bad but your fortnite skills are bad

Skepticz says:

Bruh my mom said the same shit

based nerd says:

Did the same shit lol mom didn’t approve.

Satan says:

My mom doesn’t care if I have earrings I think my dad cares lmao but good prank though

Edward Renteria says:

Bruh this video was so cringy the way you talk

DoubleSSauce _ says:

yo where did you get them ? what size are they ? 4 mm 5 mm or 6?

Eliseo bazan says:


Ally Playz says:

my mom would not even allow me to get a second piercing ughhhh (but imma do it when i graduate out of school because i’d be 21/22 by then)

ProGamerRBLX says:

nah dont wear them you look gay XD

Deyanira Gutierrez says:

Are they fuertes

angel Aquino says:

You look gud so wear em

htxx. erik says:

Aye bro were you get the earrings from??

Logic BelY4k says:

Stop wearing rust lord on Fortnite .

RacoonWells says:

Sup can we play fortnite

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