Men Wearing Earrings at Work – Discrimination

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I’ve always felt taking my earrings off has been unjustified when women can keep theirs on. To me, that is just blatant sex discrimination. There is never a clear reason why men cannot wear earrings at work besides it being ”unprofessional.” If that’s the case, women are being unprofessional, too?!

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WinnerorNot8 says:

At least you look up to date, and aren’t concerned about what others think, it’s probably better than being boring or blending into the background.

Abraxas Harpocrates the Curious says:

Depends on the job – & what image the company what their employees to represent – if you’re in an environment where you don’t face the public – dress codes should be of less importance – if you work with children or animals – it might be dangerous, if you’re in the police or armed forces – same thing.
When I worked for a body piercer – I had many piercings, 3 at the top of each ear, 3 in each ear lobe, a piercing in each tragus, both my nostrils pierced, septum piercing, labret piercing & a tongue piercing.
When I was teaching English in China – I removed all my piercings, so – it all depends.

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