My Daily Jewellery: Earrings, Bracelets & Chains

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A heavily requested video, decided to record it and put it out for you guys on a QUICK THING! I did have an entire section dedicated to watches but just went over for way too long – I don’t know how I do it man, bloody blabber mouth! Will release a watch video later on at some point during next month – will spend more time on it and make it look cool!

Here are some of the stores I’ve mentioned in the video that you should definitely check out, along with some others that slipped my mind completely that still produce some great stuff!

Origami Necklace –

Topman –


The Great Frog:

Thomas Sabo:

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esta – Thank You Kobe

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Sully says:

Notification squad :^)

MyNameIsDraven says:

Should check out a glasses joint called Bailey Nelson, im from australia but i am sure they have a london based store, great range of house designs at great prices.

NGUPioneers says:

Sangiev’s jewellery game is as fly as that pegasus necklace! Keep up the good work bro

V Suavest says:

ID on balenciaga on bracelet?

Kuljit Singh says:

got the same silver bracelets

Mr Thomas says:

Your style is bare sick man

Alex Maragakis says:

You know you are early when there is no HD option 🙁

malcolm potter says:

Great vid again ! Where did you get your clothes rack from ?

will jones says:

Saint Laurent Jacket video please? Great video Bro!

Milad B says:

Great vid! the origami necklace is wavy


Where is a good place for rings?

Logan Warnell says:

Some cool pieces, btw what camera do you use?

JBoi says:

you need to chill on all the bracelets

Ouipeetz says:

Great video. I love the Peggasus necklace

Jordan Tinsley says:

Dope jewelry collection! Kinda curious where I can find that jean chain I’ve seen you rocking in a few videos?


Origami is just too dope! Cheers man!

Will Brundish says:

Got two rings on the way from the great frog, mad excited, just upset about the 3 week wait period before they are made and sent out. Great video once again man!

Dylan O Brien says:

Hey man, I don’t suppose you know where to buy last season Saint Laurent stuff? The A/W 2015 stuff was pretty awesome and Im hoping maybe theres somewhere I can pick it up cheaper?

VerdugoVibes says:

So fucking clean, definitely going to step up my Jewellery game, inspired by the goat called sang,
keep it up homie!

georgio athanasiadis says:

Ayyyyy I’m mirin your jewellery bro! Thanks as always sangi!

Gisele M. says:

The silver bracelet is in the figaro style if that helps anyone!

John Joshua says:

Waiting for the watch vid

Yung Gucci says:

Your jewelry game is so sick really dig that SLP bracelet its so rock

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