My Earring/Jewelry Set + NYC Meet&Greet Details – Edward Avila

Edward’s Jewelry Journal:


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Mandy Silva says:

I really wanted one but I live in Brazil so it coats 4x more the price and there is the super extra fucking expensive ship and I’m poor lol so, in another oportunity

• Small Mochi • says:


anthonymcneal80 says:

Is that cross ear ring for all people or no ? I saw a guy wearing one and it looks cool

HeartaSweet says:

Eddy…. $40 and then shipping too? Love your earrings, but I’m poor.

Wen says:

they’re exactly what i’ve been looking for all my life and if there isn’t international shipping i might cry

David walsh says:

just checked out the beauty beasts website to see if i could order these but only ships to the U.S not in europe 🙁 and also they are sold out 🙁

i guess i’ll i just go to claires to get something simular to this cross earring

Maki Cheesecake says:

At first I was like “Yass bitch” and then I heard “$40” and I passed out cause I’m a broke bitch but I’m still buying it.

Fuchsfeder says:

may I ask which material the earrings are? because I would love to get this but I would like to know if I can also wear it for longer than one day….

Ashton Romero says:

Dude I want to gauge my ears but like now I want these piercings. Like I want a few ear piercings I want 2 on the ear lobes and like a few more at the top of the ear I don’t remember what they’re called like rip

Jessica says:

just bought it!!

Meike says:

why is the shipping only to the US…I think I might cry…

Emma Matthew says:

Edward, please do international shipping for earrings 🙁 I’m from Canada and really want a set 🙁 I don’t mind paying more for shipping.

iYoutuber says:

i really like it good idea i mean i have never seen like this kind of earring collector so good idea …. congratz

Morgan Pie says:

Name of the Korea jewelry store chain? Anyone know?

defsoultina says:

I am SO buying this earring set. Looking forward to the online sale lol love from Argentina!

Outbound Gaming says:

What are the part of the earnings that go in Your ear made of bc I can only wear silver earrings. I can’t wear fake :/

Namjuun says:

i live in France …
Fu**ing sad and depressed now

hana says:

wait where did you get that book thing? so cute

Tina Nguyen says:

Sad life when this only ships to USA, and you live in Australia. Feels Bad man ;n;

mitzi says:

I just found your channel a few days ago and I fell in love with your earring but it’s sold out. Do you know any other place/website that I can buy it from?

MultiKON says:

Fuk I think I missed it ;; I’d totally buy it if it was still on sale ;-;
Hetehthryhyrhryjyr I wish he’d put it back on sale

Holly M. says:

I feel like he is a real life Magnus Bane, I think it every time I see him. It’s a compliment.

Shia Labeouf says:

its july

geekchic says:

can anyone tell me how I can buy this? it’s not available on that site, it just links to this video and it says it’s selling now. thanks

ParkYoung Joong says:

Is it possible you would be restocking the jewelry set?

Julia Olmos says:


emaciatedunicorn says:

literally paused the video and bought the earrings. like I’ve been obsessed with your earrings ever since the first video I watched and tomorrow’s literally the 31st.

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