My Thoughts On Earrings For Men’s Fashion

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PINKicecream123 says:

i have my left ear pieceed but im gotting my right soon so i will have both snd i dont get why pepole ssy if u have both your like biosexual thats stupid

gamer708886 says:

I like earrings, I like them on guys (yes I’m gay).  I think others have state well why the right ear was thought to be gay, though a google search would have worked.

I hate studs personally, they’re a pain to get off and on.  I like hoops except endless hoops.  I have also began wearing dangle and drop earrings (like potara from dbz actually I have and wear the dai kaioshin potara) because well call it self expression, nothing too fancy though.  But also it’s statement that I refuse to conform to social norms and that society should be open minded.  Also they’re not boring!

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

really? i didnt know that. thanks for the heads up lols.

ardvarkkkkk1 says:

Not true. The left ear right ear thing has been going around as long as I can remember (I was born in 1960). In the 60s and 70s, nobody would publicly announce that they were gay, which the earring would do, for their own safety. Nobody is ever sure which one is the “gay ear” and which one is the “straight ear”, because it varied all across the US and the world. I got mine pierced in 1977. The left because that was the most common in my area.

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

ahhs thank you for your knowledge =)

christopher benson says:

earings look stupid in a mans ears its for Women not men

Evan Elliott says:

Just got mine in yesterday

Josh Reinhart says:

I just got both of mine done yesterday not really sure how people are going to react in my school though

Gabriel Simons says:

why are there all these comments saying guys look gay with earrings or they look feminine, when guys have been wearing then just as long as woman have, they used to show that a guy that wore them was a worrier or king, and now people think all it means is there gay.

Edwin Dueck says:

Hey, the right ear pricing was to let other gay men know who was gay back in the day before gays came out in the open. At least that is the way I was told.
I’m past 50 and I got my first ear piercing of my life, it was just to do something different. My family thinks I’m nuts, they’re right I am a bit :-)) but I like It.
Like you I want to get a diamond stud once I can afford to. On some guys a long earring looks good, I made one that I thinks is a bit long. I wear it at home ( not brave enough to wear it in public ) I’m still trying to get used to the long thing.
Have a good one.

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

its each individuals preference id say

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

i think a lot of people honestly are judgemental lols

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

np, well yeah it is your body. your choice but then again since your 15 only, idk how ur parents would take it other than the fact your dad is gonna shit bricks but good luck with it

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

i got my ears pierced at claires. my family thought i was gay for getting earrings lmaos, but doesnt really matter my body my money lols. thanks 😀

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

np, and cools =)

jo aurelio says:

I like the Studs Earring Square ,, its more better.

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

thanks :), you dont have to say the no homo part i get it lols, & np

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

ahhs, rarely i see guys wear hoops

Mario Mtz Castillo says:

Sup guy… yeah I’m totally with you on that last part about the right side. I’m also trying to find out and get people’s opinions and thoughts about it too. plus I only have one earring on my right side. I made a video of it too on YouTube.

Just Kel says:

*who not eho

Just Kel says:

That’s true but it also came from the gay celebs or transgender celebs look around I’m sure u will find almost every famous guy eho came out a closet is wearing a right earring

Francisco Rangel says:

Thanks homie, u look great with earrings haha ( no homo xD )

Jimmy Rodriguez says:

Right only gay left straight and both straight

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

well its your body honestly, i dont think it would matter anymore what your dad would think lol. my dad thought the same way but in the end he didnt really care & i was growing up pretty much. im 20 now, and at the time i was like 16 that wanted earrings lol. my advice is get it if your age of course to get piercings, and use your own money. if your depending on ur parents for the piercing + money, then i think its best for you to wait & get a job first

Francisco Rangel says:

What kind of earring do you have?

Robbie Rebollar says:

bro i have my left ear pierced, but i wanna get the other one too. i’m freaking mad af that my dad is gonna say something like “are you gay?” what do i do… i really want the right ear pierced too. i look weird with just my left lol

Robbie Rebollar says:

I’m 15 Bro. money isn’t the issue lol. I get money selling like old stuff I don’t use anymore and stuff. I’m thinking of just going to the mall and getting my other ear pierced. Lmao I know when I get back he’s gonna shit bricks. whatever thought it’s my body. thanks for the advice

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

thanks for the info. i dont really pay attention to celebrities as much though lols

Shoepacabra says:

Cause back in the day wearing only a right earring showed you were gay so people knew what you were twerkin’ with if ya know what I’m saying haha.

Stephen Knaak says:

I got my ears pierced when i was 15

Jamee Allison says:

I think they look cool on you! no homo! 😀 Thanks for the info.

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

nice =D

BCuzImButiful says:

It’s just a trend that gay people started. There’s no like scientifically evidence as to why they do it haha.. Just kinda caught on i guess

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

diamond studs

LegendaryFashionGuru says:

np =), lols thanks i get your jist

razoor532 says:

I have both too and I like them, the gay thing was probably just tradition

LegendaryFashionGuru says:


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