Post Malone on His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

For a 21-year-old, rapper Post Malone has one hell of a jewelry collection. In this video, the rising star explains how he got his first Rolex, why he likes his Hello Kitty charms, and why he wears not one, not two, but three chains at the same time.

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Post Malone on His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


Kaliah Todd says:

Post Malone is kind ugly, but he seems like such a fun and happy guy.

Young Kawhi says:

this guy is hilarious just saw him on the H3 podcast he’s a cool dude in my opinion

Buchard Cutin says:

He’s like probably too busy to clean his nails. He’s my new fav rapper though.

Sinister Gaming says:

if he had better hair he would actually look good

Milk says:

‘Cause if you’re going to a store, and you look like me,
I look like a hobo.

idk fam says:

i love this dude so much

The Creator says:

I have the exact same watch like him wtf

King says:

I like him he seem cool I respect the fact that he’s humble

helen berg says:

what a precious soul

Benjamin gaete leon says:

What a humble down to earth dude and he’s funny too

Briana D says:

he’s attractive to me.

Luke K says:

It ain’t even about the jurrly

BigSharkHands says:

Uhhhhh, it’s *bling* , not jewelry

Zeh Zahl says:

0:26… No hate, but time to get a manicure, homie

Gunumstyle says:

He’s a cool dude, but my issue is with the people that titled this. It’s not insane, 90% of rappers who trapped for 5 years have 10x that in jewelry, it’s just not insane. It’s still nice tho

Evondaa Nguyen says:

He’s so cute omg

Milk says:

just realized he’s 18-21 years old **facepalm**

RedPanda says:

His hair….

Dødspikken lålå says:

he seems happy, and seems to be a good guy. I like gold too, nothing wrong with that homie.

Brian Demmons says:

Post It Note Malone

RubyTV says:

white boys rocking the bling too… i’m part italian anyways

Alec Johnson says:


AtlasZero13 says:

dime bag tattoo was low key lit

Zotic Diamond says:

is it me or is he acting a little frutity?

Aldren Dean says:

Jewish prodigy

MC cashMax says:

HAHA he makes hello kitty cool awesome

Xenzodiak Albert says:

Dimebag tattoo , respect.

El Tomator says:

I dont understand the thing about the teeth, he takes the off and then what? He has no teeth or what?

Felipe says:

wow dimebag darrell tattoo? cool

Habel Mamora says:

When I heard his music for the first time I liked the guy, then I saw what he looked like and I was skeptical, but then I heard him talk and I just loved his personality.

ernesto castaneda says:

cuz if u go into a store and u look like me i look like a hobo

Jonathan Monnet says:

Every generation has one. Culture vulture

Eriko. Oy says:

Gold or silver teeth look stupid IMO Makes you look like you’re actually missing teeth

OH HAIL NU :P says:

Mouad choukri Who hated on Post Malone? :p

Isabel Alasandra says:

aghh PM is soo cute

Czarina Marushka says:

something about him is so interesting. I’m so drawn. lol

kendell smith says:

he has dime bags face tattoo on his finger. he sucks at music but he likes one of the best guitar players ever haha

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