This was hands down one of my best pranks in my opinion!

Let me know what you guys think and if I look good with earrings!

Try these mints!


Check out these glasses!


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TheOrignal Gamer says:

yes @rider 420

Rossi says:

do magnet earrings hurt

Erika Canales says:

i subscribed

Cessy’s Cooking tutorials says:

Faze rug lookin ass

Brandol D says:

Is he in faze rugs old house

Adam Mann says:

I broke my screen with a hammer hope your happy smash that like button really

2bros 1small says:

Why does this guys looks like Fazerug lmaaaaooooo

Farah Bez says:

are from iran

Mystiic says:

Jesus fuck strict parents

Jordan Kilmete says:

he looks fresh wit em

Leannee01 HD says:

i love all of your vide

Brandol D says:

He look like faze rug

Author says:

This guy is like faze rug?!?!

Dipper Pines says:

Planet fitness is not a gym

Immortal Of Death says:

Oh men he just like faze rug

Siam Abedin says:


Bloo Stratosphere says:

Even his house looks like rugs, wtf?????

Samuel Vasquez says:

Faze Rug?????

Cessy’s Cooking tutorials says:

Gay version

Karin Kask says:

I felt bad for the little kid, cause the dude kept making fun of him, and calling him fatty. The kid wasn’t even fat! I was watching this, and I totally lost interest after seeing him be so rude to that boy. Smh…

AwesomeTobes says:

He actually looks good in those earings

llx DROPEz xll says:

Next time hide your camera so it can look real

XFinity Clan says:

Your like faze rug..

Nick Billings says:

I feel like you’re the off brand faze rug

Farah Bez says:

are you from iran

IFFYSavuge1001 says:

U look like faze rug

Neto Castaneda says:

Bruh that’s fucked up you don’t tell your Dad he’s finna beat your ass and I’m surprised your still alive after what u told hi

Brad Hobbsy says:

bruh why is your kitchen in your garage

Ebm Alex says:

good prank tho

Biggie says:

What’s wrong with getting ears pierced…?

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