Should men wear earrings?



sue vena says:

BOTH the Bible (Egyptian Book of the Dead) and Christianity come out of (black) Ancient Egypt. WATCH the VIDEO “Whited Out Documentary, The True Israelites were Black, Asians & Native Americans were also Black (by Watchman Reports)” to get a better grip on why the black biblical Hebrew Israelites of today wear earrings. ALSO SEE the VIDEOS “The Hidden Identity of Blacks in the Bible” and “Africa’s Eye of Horus Stolen by Illuminati Freemasons (by Ras Tafari Lectures)” and “The Secret meeting That Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation (mark dice).”

radodrill says:

I agree 100% on the sentiments provided in terms of men wearing earrings. In fact, Genesis 24 states that Abraham sent his servant (with all his goods) to find a bride for his son Isaac. Of these goods the servant gave Rebekah an earring and 2 bracelets. Since the earring was one of Abraham’s belongings, it can be deduced that Abraham himself wore earrings. Also, Exodus 32:2-4 clearly states that the wives, sons, and daughters wore earrings. Further, Exodus 21:6 and Deuteronomy 15:17 show that if a servant (male or female) who is being set free wishes to continue serving their master, then the master is to thrust an awl through their ear into the doorpost; from this we can argue the men can pierce their ears as a symbol of servitude and devotion to God.

Similarly I believe that wearing makeup would fall under the same category as jewelry/accessories. In many cultures, both ancient and modern, men and women wore cosmetics for various reasons including showing their social status (e.g. the ancient Egyptians).

The whole debate about “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment” is a whole different discussion. As in many cultures both men and women wore very similar clothing. Several cultural historians have stated that in peoples who hunted and made leather clothing both men and women wore pants since the shape of the hides was better suited to making pants, while in regions where they wove fabrics the people wore clothes more like dresses (e.g. roman tunics and togas). Thus scripture is not saying women can’t wear pants and men should not wear dresses/skirts. Further a lot of the sociocultural clothing standards are relatively recent and a form of control/oppression; for example the statement of “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” originated in the 1920’s and the notion of men having to have short hair was a result of lice problems in the trenches during WW1. Further, men wearing knee length shorts came about in the 1980’s since Michael Jordan was self-conscious about the looks of his knees; before that men’s shorts were similar length as the short-shorts (2-4 in inseam) worn by women today.
In my opinion, this scripture is more about being against men presenting themselves as women and vice versa. So the modern equivalent would be that scripture is against sexual reassignment surgery.
I believe that our choice of clothing should be appropriate/modest based on the situation. i.e. I think that wearing a bikini is acceptable when at the beach/pool, yet an ultra-micro (with only 1″ wide strips covering the nipples/genitals) are not modest and thus not allowed by scripture. Similarly a swimsuit would not be appropriate attire when shopping at the mall or going to church.

Basically I believe we should review scripture and consider what it says and how that applies to our current culture/society and how the Lord would want us to live our lives and be good stewards of what he has given us. God looks past the outward appearance and sees what is in our heart. So if a person wears expensive clothes (or men earrings) in an attempt to show off and advertise their wealth; that is different in God’s eyes from a person who wears it to look nice as an outward expression of taking care of their body, which is a temple to the Lord.

saved03 says:

OK on the Deut. 22:5. If you seriously look at fashion throughout cultures and history. You will noticed that men were the original wearers of garments that are now women’s. Like tights, heels, and skirts. So when women adopt these into their fashion today. Are they not putting on men’s clothing? The key word is abomination. Where else is this word. Verses like explaining homosexual acts. So if either sex is wearing the opposite gender’s clothes to deceive others to engage in homosexual behavior is what this verse is really communicating. Man’s fashion trends change. We know that God doesn’t change. So how could God change His standards of gender clothing due to what man says is men’s and women’s? Even the Lord Jesus Christ wore a dress. If you say no it was a robe. The French word for dress is robe by the way. Actually women should not serve in the military or police force since they are wearing clothes that are men’s if you want to go with this kind of interpretation of Deut. 22:5. This is a ridiculous interpretation of this verse. Many Christians believe that America’s founding fathers were men of God. So how can they be men of God if they are wearing tights, heels, and ribbons in their hair? You see where I am going with this? Man has not always dressed like we see in America in the 21st Century. The key is what is your motivation for wearing the garments?

Joann Hutchins says:

Mr Roberson you can make up any excuses you won’t to ware thing of a woman. we are not living in the old Testament’s, read the whole book of Hebrew, Christ came not to change the Law of his Father, but to show man, they couldn’t live a Holy life God won’t, in the Tenth Commandment, but through Him (( Christ )), their sins could be covered my His Holy Blood, the Father gave the Tenth Commands, to show how wicked man were, back then, Christ came Future!!!, New Testament, to show, man can be saved, only through Him and no other. Christ never wore earring, in either of His ears, Christ didn’t ware a dress, He wore a Robe, His hair was not long like a woman, down His back, but short, around His neck, slaves, in the old testament, were made or force to ware earring, for whatever reason their Master had. Stop making excuses, using the old testament to ware earring, its Worldly, Christ said, be in the world, but Not!! of it. Christ said, be Holy, for I am Holy, there’s nothing Holy about being a man and wearing earrings like a woman, the world looks like that. to be a follower of Christ and saving souls for His Kingdom, is showing the lost, its OK to wear things pretanting to a woman. There won’t be men in Heaven with earrings or women, with a tie or suits on in Heaven, just Robes and Crowns.

Joann Hutchins says:

Mr Robinson

Joann Hutchins says:

I don’t know how long you’ve been saved, but God!!! Will Not!!! be Mocked, Whatsoever you Sow, in the Flesh!!!, you Shall Reap!!!, in the Spirit.

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