The BEST Streetwear JEWELRY ( Where to Buy, Sizing, Rings )


Silver Bracelet:

In Todays video I finally show off all my rings, bracelets, and necklace and share how and wear to find the best streetwear/ hype beast jewelry. LMK What you think Love you all


Jacquizz Lemons says:

you forgot to talk about toe rings big guy

Liam Griffiths says:

$2 paypal who can find me that flower ring, doesn’t have to be exact

Laszlo the king says:

Your hand in the thumbnail looks like Gru

Nelson Ly says:

Any1 have a link to the jewellery he’s wearing? Looking for the rings bad

protrudingears2 says:

Awesome rings, those suit you!

Evan Di Maria says:

just looking for a flower ring like yours, what should i search on ebay, cant seem to find anything similar

Emajossch says:

Insta: @emajossch

SSJCJ says:

Amazing video

Jonas Hoffmann says:

I need a link to that necklace, pls someone

Animelord 1953 says:

I wear stainless steel instead I’m not big on silver and gold

MoneyMakinMitch says:

How u measure what size you are

PVD says:

0:53 the left one. Can somebody link or tell what that desing is called

Name Here says:


Mohammed Khalaf says:

Nice and very helpful video man!! What do you think about Chrome Heart rings?

just an average straight male says:

Why do you keep saying solid silver? Rings of silver will either be about 92 or 97 percent if it was 100% you could just squeeze it together

Tanvir Ali says:

wheres the link for the spider necklace and flower ring i need!

Kimo Awge says:

Back to school vid pls

Michael Gebremeskel says:

I needed this video

ShakenNotStirred says:

Can you still find that flower ring on eBay? Can anyone find something similar w/ link? Do it for Jacob!

موقع المدفونة الفيلالية says:

Black friday jewelry rings
More info :

Royce Fong says:


Nick Adkins says:

The best place to look for rings if you want gold/silver are pawnshops or shop on etsy! You can usually get super good deals with either one

AriCarl says:

“Ancient swedish”

Jaylen Harris says:

Can u get ur bracelet wet

Makaveli Qc says:

another link for similar bracelet ?

Vorheeez says:

anyone has a link for spider necklace??

Brandon Z says:


Sky Watcher News says:

UFO Jewelry! Amazing!

Jaylen Harris says:

What size ring r u

Yutah Helten says:

Can ya do a vid just on necklaces

AndreGam3z-Norsk Gaming says:

Its Norse bro, not Swedish

MDP GAMlNG says:

“ancients swedish” lmfao its runes, and they arent only swedish, but in multiple germanic languages like danish and norwegian

element says:

There’s no way the bracelet is 6 inches lmao

Nick Haynes says:

I stopped watching after I saw “gully fuck Leo”

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