The Do’s & Don’ts Of Wearing Jewelry For Men

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bic lighter says:

Ware this ware that, why? Because you said so.

Jose Sanchez says:

How tall is he

Tom Foolery says:

Personally, I think this is “how to be basic”. No hate. Every man has their own opinions but I like multiple rings and peircings. what you’re doing is “keeping it safe” or staying in the “safe zone” which just isnt my cup of tea.

Young Metro says:

This nigga needs ice

Dude 01 says:

Jose my nigga

Ches G says:

YA THE EARRING THING TRIGGERS ME. Earrings no matter how many cannsuit anyone just fine, and I personally find double lobe piercings for men as tackier than having cartilage piercings. it really varies from person to person what types of piercings suit them, and it’s usually to highlight an individual’s character.

I personally think that the guy in the video would suit having a lower cartilage piercing just right above the lobes and maybe a single or twin lobe piercingin one ear

lawrencejames1984 says:

What about one ring on each hand ?

heart break kids says:

What about anklets?

Ches G says:

I was hoping for eccentric male fashion, but this was more on general safe fashion. Sometimes “arm candy” is aesthetic, depending on how your arms look and what style you go for

Jorge Alejandro says:

I started my watch collection a year ago, I have a Chrono Fossil that I use at work and my every day life and a Movado Museum that I use at dates, partys etc…

Ches G says:

his fashion style is very in the safe zone of men’s fashion. borderline nice but boring

Fenryr Greyback says:

4:31 Experimental isn’t spelled expiremental

Victor Lopez says:

But Kobe has 5 rings

Psalmer Abalon says:

where did you buy tgat jacket

emmanuel dean says:

Wats your view on tattoos?

Elias Gaming says:

Why do You care, let a person wear what they want to

jason luu says:

where do you buy that Jacket !???

rob barb says:

and also what other adults wear different things as well if we all dress the same what happens to our individuality as human beings

joshua says:

I’ve seen men wear a ring on each finger, like Johnny Depp, and it looks amazing. That’s not a don’t, just pull it off correctly and you’re good.

Randy Monster says:

This is the Do’s and Don’t of being a regular guy. When you walk in a room of women and look the way you do, you won’t get as much attention than a guy who wears a number of bracelets and a couple of rings. Because they are great conversation starters and can set you up to tell a story for each piece. Looking at you right now, all you have is a watch, and unless it’s a Rolex, people won’t bother to notice.

Prasath Viswanathan says:

this will be hard if you are a fan of JOHNNY DEPP

Alex Colon says:

Dude I have piercings on my ears and nose and prob got more pussy then you and your father ever got combined

cliff !!!!! says:

people who listen to this dude are basic ass people wear what you want to wear express yourself

Jesse Wellens says:

Man fuck this guy I’ll wear what ever I want how ever I want and if people judge me they can just fuck off. people just need to learn to not give a fuck what people think lol

Heury Guzman says:

hey, I have a tissot T-Race 2016 moto gp watch, can i wear that one with a suit?

Daniel Lackas says:

What’s about festival bracelets etc?

raymond caruso says:

can you wear a watch on one wrist and bracelet on the other?

Quincy Kersey says:

well thats your own opinion.. I rock my gold chains, gold eyebrow ring, gold earrings and gold rings.. It all compliments it self and looks good.. plus I can’t take advice from someone with a wrinkly shirt!! ahha good vid though

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