TOP 10 Piercing DON’Ts! How To Avoid STUPID Piercings & Looking TRASHY

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Alpha feels it’s his job to shoot straight with you – he won’t blow smoke up your ass. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that some of you may disagree with a lot of this content. But before sticking more shit in your body, hear him out.

Stupid and Trashy Piercings

1. Prince Albert
2. Belly button
3. Nipple(s)
4. Nostril
5. Septum
6. Tongue
7. Lips
8. Brows
9. Gauges
10. Dermal implants

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Abhimanyu Rajora says:

Ear buttholes LOL

National Nationalism says:

Have you ever sucked a dick with a shit load of piercings? It feels like you’re blowing the terminator.

P Rijnaard says:

Funny with the tongue piercing comment.. Yes if people are constantly playing with their tongue piercing while talking it can be distracting. However there are plenty of people who just talk and dont play with the piercing at that moment.
I for instance have 9 tongue piercings and people never notice I have a tongue piercing unless I open my mouth wide for some reason (like laughing or yawning and such). So yeah… annoying and distracting? Really depends on the piercing. And guess what? That goes for everything.

Levy Grey says:

U have nice nipples I wanna nurse on it

Isacc Or says:

i wonder how many people just on your youtube channel because you are so HOT

Morty Fer says:

Well…and two earrings are not trashy?

Katie J says:

Your ad made me feel like the rest of your video is BS. Might not be but shelling out ads for cash says something about your personality and opinions. Just saying.

Madison Hoffman says:

Dafuq do you care dude? We don’t need a long ass video of your opinion and then a fucking tooth bleeching thing that you’re being paid to feature? Frick off with your silver earings

Allahuakbar says:

i just pierced my tounge lolololololol whatcha gonna do ?

Audrey Helton says:

That segue was amazing

mind blow says:

what do you have on youre eye bro

Amber Jae says:

My mum encourages me to get piercings even when I tell her I don’t want to, she talks about my ‘next piercing’

Whateverxox says:

I actually agree with almost all of these except the nostril piercings. A lot of women who have nose piercings also have professional jobs

Emma Lollipop says:

What the hell is a dermal implant

Dina Pope says:

Bro can u please show me on how to clean a earing that was already used

Apple tech TV says:

Your alittle sexist I know your a MAN MAN but you can get a piercing on your belly button on your button if you want, I’m gay is it a problem if I get it done or something it better not be!!!

Kay_lister 47K says:

Never pierce your teige hanley

Emiliyan Yankov says:

The only kind of piercing i like in a person is the one he/she can actually pull off and look cool with. And that should be the only restraint about how we decide to look in my opinion. Same goes for ANY other styling decision, including clothes. If YOU (not everybody), you look attractive with it and it’s not making other people have a hard time looking at your face while talking to them, you are doing it right 🙂

JT Nowell says:

I am thinking about getting studs but not massive ones. Is their any reason I should not?

extremecoolgamer YT says:


Joshua Dennis says:

Ewwwwwww he sound like my grandfather

SuperSadie Gamez says:

I’m a girl an i still watch this just cause.

Anyone else a girl?

Andreas Gerasimatos says:

2:40 no trashy but you look exactly like a bull XD

Vuki the King says:

I have an eyebrow piercing

5 seconds to heaven says:



Isacc Or says:

if you think dick piercing is a turnoff for women than become gay , you should see how they react to my dick piercing

Fry it and Try it says:

what about a smiley piercing?

EXROXX says:

who the fuck are you to tell people what piercings they should get , if they like it , fuck it !

Bitch says:

I have a septum

Braydon Price says:

okay so what do I do when I have my lip, my nipples, my nose, my bellybutton pierced??? I’m not taking them out.

GerardWayIzBae MCR says:

You can pierce wherever u want just in job interview and during work take it off to look more professional

Brendan Becker says:

The most degrading thing I’ve ever seen is one time I went to Starbucks and a barista had her septum pierced and her manger made her have duck tape on her nose to cover it up

Bryan Moore says:

Always got positive vibes on my nipple piercing. Maybe it’s time to take em out.

Dennis Morishita says:

What if you get your lip pierced but you use a stud

Jordan Rhodes says:

I remember watching this a while back. I just got my septum pierced so this video surfaced again. Idk. Didn’t listen to him if you want to be an independent thinker. Do what you like. Nothing against him. But a man that tells you how to be a man clearly doesn’t trust you to do it yourself. Be yourself. I will say think about what you get done. Certain piercings will leave marks. That won’t go away. Ever. A septum is not one of these. Plus you can hide them on a moments notice if you need 🙂 do you

Jeremy Smith says:

I got my ears lobes done years ago with the plan to stretch them, I got them to 5/8 and quit. I wish I would have never pierced them. I still wear my plugs everyday for the main reason they are passed the point of naturally shrinking and I dont want to just take them out and my ear lobes end up looking all saggy like most who have stopped wearing plugs. When I do take them out the holes do not look half as big and its not that noticeable that there are holes. I will probably end up finding a piercer who has been trained in stitching the holes back so I dont have to go see a surgeon. Ive seen a lot a pics and it looks better than when a surgeon does it anyway. Point, DO NOT STRETCH YOUR EARS!!! I wont lie I still do like them and it is addicting to stretch to bigger sizes, but I am almost 30 and am about to finish my degree. Employers tend to look down on stuff like this. They also do not have to cut the lobes anymore to stitch.

Farasi Ngumu says:

No one talks about helix piercings. I find them the most attractive of all piercings.

Leslie H. says:

My teacher got a nose piercing and she looks stunning! Shes a girl so yea.

Michael Mares says:

When I was a kid I wanted a tongue piercing.Then I found out what the “story” if you will, behind them was, and I was like “Fuck that, I’m not gay.” So yeah

referral madness says:

The best place to get piercing is the nose and eyes as long as you don’t stretch your ear lobes because they’re the most normalized

Mr. Grey says:

You missed one: Don’t get a single matching earring in each ear. You’re a man not a *mom* .

darkarify says:

It´s respectable that it is his opinion, but I don´t like that they are based in stereotypes.

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