Types of Male Earrings

In history, male earrings were worn by the toughest tribesmen, pirates, and soldiers; in the 60’s punk rockers pierced their ears with just about anything that can pass through a hole from metal spikes to safety pins. http://typesofearrings.net/types-of-male-earrings-an-ear-for-style/


Dalek Supreme says:

There’s only one type or earring for guys. Gay.

Michael Dye says:

Wth is the names of the types???

TheGamingAce says:

where can I get the ones at 0:09

Wee-Yum Stuart says:


Sound Illusions says:

Huggies/Hoops?, Influenced by the Hip-Hop/Rap genre?, mmmm… I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those types of earrings in many different cultures and people….. To me, Studs seem to be more prominent in the Hip-hop scene. Anyway, earrings are earrings it doesn’t define us, and they’re awesome.

Simon unkown says:

that was a good video. I have a question should I get one ear my left or both ears?

4K Cichlids says:

Puff daddy looks like he has shit in his mouth with all that crap on his teeth!

Orfeas says:

Diamonds looks cooler on black ppl they dont look good on me i prefer black ones

elizabeth fernandez says:

Earrings don’t look good on guys period

Ricky Ricardo Singh says:

Simple square or circle studs look great on men of all cultures

William H. says:

The names are: for the silver ones, cubic zirconic. For the black studs, they are studs. Any of the small or medium ones that are colored, but are not white zirconic studs, they are studs. The hoops, and indie rock hoops are hoop earrings. Answers to Michaels Dyes’ question. Bye.

Mohammed Ali says:


gamer708886 says:

I started with studs (which I cannot stand), then went to hoops (which I like), but now I’ve grown to like dangling or drop earrings.  Some people scoff I know but I like them, the feel of them is almost hypnotic and calming to me.

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