Versace, all Versace everything ( Bracelet, Earrings, Pen, Chains and Belt )

All versace everthing…
All legit,
Gold Versace bracelet with a cristal;
Gold Versace earrings;
Versace Pen;
White and light gold Versace Chain;
Gold Versace chain;
Calf leather Versace belt.


iLoop iTeen says:

Wooow I love versace

Rebecca Reinholdt says:

Woah ur so lucky

Barbie V says:

Why wear such evil. Medusa is not something “cool”. You people are such followers throwing your money away on demonic things.

Jimmy Biggs says:

Did you hear the code announced when you entered the door????? The secret “black shopper entering the store”??

Guerrero says:


Rick Annen says:

Whats that watch you wearing?

Itz Shah says:

In the past your told me you are a stock broker. I want to be a stock broker as will. You got any tips for me bro

Ahmed802 says:

This chain!

Bobby says:

that shirt is awesome

el ojo que todo lo ve says:

waoo! que colección

Joy C. Manguerra says:

wishing to have even 1 of those necklaces

Gale Franklin says:

ehh yooouu that are some real dope versace things

Classy Clark says:

I like the big chain nice

dank master says:

Cool vid bro do gold plated Versace jewellery fad ??

Amir Daghagheleh says:

Iam so fucking joules

Diane Scott says:

Good review, helpful-thanks !!

Chris Hansen says:

dope shit man! 41 haters

Adrianna Graf says:

Versace only gold plates it’s not solid gold. Say gold playted

Brian Pearce says:

LOVE #Versace :P:P You definitely don’t buy Versace for the real gold! You buy Versace because you can:D … And because you are BOSS!:D:D Many people who pride themselves of being ‘savvy hater investors’ fail to realize there are other ways of investing beyond real metals or just saving… genuinely smart investors diversify into investing into shares, property, paper, air, ideas, art, furniture, cars, and luxury goods that have an ability to retain its value and become rare collectable pieces… genius investors.. invest in them selves and their well being. :D:D via rewards:D Trophies & Toys! Love it! You go Boy!:D:D

Alexa Gamez says:

i love your vids

1AppleofEden says:

The only Versace that’s Real gold include some of their vintage items from the 1970’s and 80’s, especially women’s ear-rings or rings, bracelets etc. Small feminine items.

Madova Shawn says:

How much does the chain weight

איתי אטיאס says:

Nice collection

Jose Wolfe says:

Damn how much you spend for all that.

JoshuaSZN says:


GlareBlair says:

Where can I buy this stuff bro? Id appreciate it if you could help me out.

Aidan clarke says:

Dope vid bro

Hotshot5000 says:

Okay we know it’s not GOLD and that’s fine because it still looks good but i think the question that everybody has is, does it turn colors on your neck like fake $20 gold chains from Canal Street…???

Leonidas Sparta says:

where do u got the last chain?

Ali Makaveli says:


Will Watch says:

I got a Versace belt and a Versace shirt that’s all and there real but they are the cheap kinds

Robert Alvarez says:


Restore The American Dream says:

Just ordered a Versace T shirt from the Versace website it was 350 dollars

Theheatmaker says:

Why? Just Why? in the burning hell why? I’m sure as hell not mad or even jealous in the least bit. but please do NOT tell me you go out like that. If you’re over 30 I’m sure NO one will take you seriously no matter HOW MUCH you paid for all that. Why?…

JP Hausmann says:

That was dope


this is section 8 ebt playa shit

Rocky 24 says:

this dude super gay lmao

E3_Smasher inc says:

Look like meek mill

Erik Stump says:

what type is the white and light gold Versace chain?¿… .. .

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