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In this video we look and see what $100 can get you from Gucci…basically the answer to this question is nothing…except socks!

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Cole Martin says:


Bee p says:

gucci socks

Zusmorito says:

gucci looks so fucking ugly holy shit

7amthugger says:

U ugly

Strat says:

a fucking gucci loli-pop is what you’re getting

John Carroll Booking says:

Hype best

Dare Nine says:

Why u look like an old man?

Rice Pudding says:

Bruh I wanna see his reaction to Louis Vuitton online store, he will shit bricks

JelloItsMe says:

Lmao I got a Gucci ad

Steel Doubloon says:

Tbh I’d rather buy a neatly tailored suit for the price of those bags…

Jonny _games says:

Where do you buy the thin silver nacklace?

H4M24 BR4H says:

Fookn noting

Clemany says:

the quality is 100

1k subscribers without any videos says:

I have that cuban link from a different brand. I also have a gold franco chain in 18kt that costs $330 and its 1mm lol

Tuberface says:

hi what camera did u use on this video looks amazing.

Ethan the Hoonigan says:

what are the length and width specs on your north jewellery chain? (with gucci piece)

Gar Guiney says:


胡关 says:

100 bucks for Gucci …U should come to China where can buy lots of Gucci stuff but it’s fake .

theroizabill says:

Only broke Boys by Supreme

StepTic says:

“i would pay $150 for a small key chain definitely” ARE U FUCKING HIGH!?

Nickolas Rodgers says:

This nigga funny asf

Dániel Korsós says:

3:21 & 3:25 is lil tays shit lmao

Temoc Molina says:

i watched a few of your vids, luv your channel!

Brian D d says:

Its so funny, if you try the bracelet link it sais its 31$….cool…. go to check out price jumps to 41$…? excuse me why? After shipping its now 53$ like wtf hahahahaha!!!

JI Beats says:

You can buy shipping and handling

Ivan Hernandez says:

Why do you open a new tab every time lol

The Creepy Gonad King says:

Was gunna order a 9.3 mm silver chain but they don’t ship to the UK 🙁

CrossFire Faction says:

socks, about it

Showtime Gaming says:


Continued Wisdom says:

High fashion is for the weak

Genevieve Haddad says:

Things from Gucci are ugly imo

Sniping Turtle says:

It can probably get you a paper plate

Aidrey Shair says:


Robert Ocon Dado says:

2:14 500 dollar for a damn fly haha

7amthugger says:

Its a bee not a fly headass

Avery Hawkins says:


Username Taken says:

With $100 dollar, all you can get is like a keychain lol

winalldayeveryday says:

It’ll get you to the count of 5….

Guest House says:

OMG when he says $500 for a damn fly

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