Why Korean Guys Wear Earrings

Earrings are for those losers who have no confidence!!! (Like me…) just playing, hope you guys enjoy the vid! Let me know why you guys think koreans wear earrings and if it looks good on them in the comments below 😀


Skye Uchiha says:

I like the stud earrings like that. Gauges though on the other hand.. Scares me lol.

PincheVatoMalo says:

Because they already look like females

96KayDee says:

xyzcybertron is wrong. 😮 you look cute and you seem really nice. ^^

LeeDonghae'sWIFE says:

aah i for got the yo on the bangawoyo..mianhae oppa..^^

LeeDonghae'sWIFE says:

My mom use to say “who said pink was only for girls and blue only for guys if girls can wear blue then guys can wear pink and if girls can wear earrings then so can guys” i think they wear it for the same reason girls do to look prettier or cooler in a guys way…and i think korean and all asians wear them for the opposite way cuz they are more confident in there self not like none asian who think if they get there ears pierce there gay but its not like that.

phthisicy says:

Anyway, Hi, Chris. After dealing with some of the riff-raff, I guess I ought to say something to you. Actually, you sound American. If you are from SK, or second generation, I hope you will make a lot of friends and enjoy yourself (again, I’m assuming a Uni in the US). There are jerks everywhere, as I am sure you know. But it’s never fun to be “the foreign guy”. Hopefully, more people just think of you as “my friend” and nothing else. Thanks for the platform for me to blather!

keira lei says:

Go get pregnant already spanish bitch~

Sarah AlEnadi says:

i think T.O.P and Seungri had a baby ..

avril arz says:

You look good with shades

Dorothy Marie Boligor says:

do it really need to be on the right side.? In my country, it’s in the left (majority) (^_^)

Avril fromAus says:

It alright if its a small stud earrings, I hate some that is like a big hole with wide circle earrings :/

LeeDonghae'sWIFE says:

Annyeonghaseyo je ireum eun maria imnida, bangawo!!! jinjja nomu johayo!! ^^ <3 lol

Rana A says:

Why Korean Guys Wear makeup?

Abbey Macaluso says:

Thats funny because i wouldnt of thought of you as being nervous person. 🙂

ElegantDreamCatcher 05 says:

What’s that blackish slivers ah thing in my ear? I suddenly feel manly….. Lol xD

phthisicy says:

You don’t need any support against morons like him. Ignoring is the best policy. If that fails, extermination is the second best. Unfortunately, a lot of people that support you are silent, but they are by far in the majority.

Hilde Venegas says:

Ryan??? o_O

leeurbanfly says:

know a 40+ yr old married.guy who wears a small ring shape one… nfi why

phthisicy says:

Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much. Anger always comes from fear, that why Mom yells at the kid who almost got hit by a car. What are you afraid of? Are you just a general coward, or did something happen at summer camp?

96KayDee says:

welcome~ ^^

phthisicy says:

Pretty idiotic question, so sorry for the geographically ignorant among us. Since NK had a GDP of about 0.4 billion dollars last year, I don’t think we’ll see a lot of them on the internet LOL. Anyway, yes, rings look great on guys, and so does the eye-shadow. It’s nice they can wear it without being ridiculed (at least most of the time). There being no gays in SK (Ahem!) helps so they can wear fantastic clothes and no one accuses.

Julie Hwang says:

I think Korean guys get earrings to compete with all the sexy kpop idols that ruin girl’s expectations of men 😛

cindi86rai says:

I see a lot of white guys with ear accessories but more along the use of gauges. Asian guys pull off use of studs well and so do latinos. :3

J.Olliee Mann says:

Hahah. Black studs look nice. 🙂

Donnet L says:

Niggahigga #2

OranJJeTofu says:

ahh I asked him, he doesn’t know you :/ he’s doing chemical engineering so idk if you would ever meet him… but haha that woulda been so cool! small world x]

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