Amber Teething Necklace: Does it Work?

We have had a great experience using a baltic amber necklace from to help alleviate Kennedy’s teething symptoms and provide some relief, and I’m sharing a little bit about the product and company in today’s review and giveaway. Be sure to check out Brandy’s video to learn more about the hazelwood necklaces Hazelaid sells, as well:


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EKW111 says:

I liked your FB page. (If this entry is chosen…oh please!…I’ll give you my FB name.)

Deb Jackson says:

Thanks for an informative video

M.J.MommyOnTheGo says:

This is the first time I’ve ever heard about these omg would of helped a ton ! It will however helo me as a full time student , full time.employee and mom aches and pains thank you so much for.sharing your timing couldn’t be any better especially since im often tempted to take drugs

Kristin As Mama says:

Great review! We love amber teething necklaces! I still need one for baby #2, so that is definitely what I would purchase. 🙂

Cynthia Gamez says:

I would use it on Lucas he has an ear infection & he’s teething so it would really help him.

Nbrs7 says:

I would buy a necklace for my mum, who suffers with pain everyday due to kidney disease,caused by a blood disorder she grew up with.

MommyMegan says:

My 22 month old wears his all the time and I think it has helped with his dry skin and eczema around his face. And what I would purchase would probably be one for baby #3 who is due in January! Thanks for this giveaway!! 🙂

BumbleBrandi says:

I would buy an amber necklace for my three-month-old.  🙂 

Rocio Steele says:

Would you remove the necklace during naps?

Britney Lister says:

How do I know which length to get for my 8 month old daughter?!

Alexandria Donnelly says:

Would love to use the credit to get my 7 month old the Baltic amber super butter!

Brittany Neubauer says:

I would use the credit to purchase an amber necklace for my 8 month old daughter! She isn’t teething yet, but will be any day now… Anything to smooth the process would be much appreciated!

Nanda Brown says:

I NEED one desperatly! my 10 month old is having fevers and diarrhea. Even though she’s the one going through it, I’m miserable!!
And she doesn’t any teeth yet!!

Stephanie Sanchez says:

Great review! I’ve been wondering if the amber necklaces really work. I would use the credit to purchase an amber necklace for my son who is due January 29! Thank you!

Sharon Cumper says:

I would be interested in giving it as a baby shower gift and it would benifit me also as I will be watching the baby when the mommy goes baby to work

HammyMamma says:

Liked Hazelaid Facebook page 🙂

Crunchy Mama says:

I liked their facebook page

HaveFaith33458 says:

18 mo. old died at daycare from necklace….see Inside Edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steven litton says:

my daughter has been wearing hers for two days. i was ggoin insane with how bad she was gagging herself it was so taxing on me! my baby was was 10 months when she began gagging herself and it was horrible because she didnt understand what she was doing and id go crazy that shed laugh at me when id tell her to stop she just wouldnt even if she was vomiting back to back almost. today she did not gag herself and the second day even i noticed a difference. i got her the super butter in 12 in i believe with the twist closure. parents do not hesitate!!

Kinga Smolenska says:

So do you just put it on when baby is teething or can they wear that all the time ? X

Happy Acres says:

I’d love to get an amber necklace for baby #2!

HammyMamma says:

Tweeted 🙂

Jay Toon says:

Just bought one off of Amazon, was SO excited to receive it only to find that it was plastic…so bummed!

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