Chain Gang Uzi 18kt Gold Necklace – Review & Unboxing – LPU

I picked up the “Chain Gang 18kt Quad Dipped Uzi” necklace (24″). This is a great brand, I think you guys should really check them out. Also thanks to Brandon Taylor for managing the trade, and thanks to Ben for trading with me. Video on the trade process coming soon.

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Minor Kun says:

Def going to get this soon as they restock

Indigo Rapid says:

Would you sell Preme Vietnam Cap???

Richard _ says:

spaceship in the backround dope af

Henry Allison says:

sick video

Sleep Less says:

Yo is there any other trustworthy site like this one, I’m looking for small sized chains and pendants like these ones, with the same good quality and good prices, any help?

Ghost Johnson says:

that’s mad but not my style.. fits my brother who has a skate with a gold crown skate and a bling box logo maybe I should get for him, where can I get this do you know ?

Purple280z says:

2:50 Subaru decides to interrupt XD

VVhiting says:

what uni do you go to?

Cri6ixXO says:

Do you know if they will restock the golden uzi chain?

Oli says:

hello sexy boy

Zohair Naqvi says:

Bruh I searched up chain gang and I ended up looking at nipple piercings wtf

Indulging in floccinaucinihilipilification says:

theyre 80p on ebay bro

béla says:

if you only got number 69 🙁

meme man 420 says:

will these restock

D00dst3r says:

how thick is the chain

Jamie Gibbons says:

Flames necklace, fire fit, sick vid, keep grinding G

Thekid Kicks says:

Looooooooool it’s not gold bro

Che Nugent says:

I saw your trade on Brandon’s Instagram haha, great video

Marcus Palladino says:

Hey man would you be willing to sell you supreme Vietnam 6 panel?

[Zesty] says:

any other good places to buy chains?

steezy FLACK0 says:

can anybody tell me if this site sells legit gold chains cuz im tempted to cop one cuz the price is pretty good but a bit too good

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