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Leticia Lua says:

Also I love supporting these shops so I will be purchasing from her and also share your video.

Leone Crowe says:

love this!!!   im dyslexic too, well i’m going to get a test fo it next week.   and cool do you know tessar goad?!?

SasssyXRebel says:

Haha that’s also my name so at first I was like I don’t even have tumbler XD

EllieJayden says:

YAAAAAAAAAS<3 I love crystals!

Sammy Ellington says:

You should do a video on how you do your makeup everyday! I love the way you do your makeup so yeah 🙂

shannon says:

where did you get the necklace you are wearing?

Nova Mane says:

If you guys like crystal necklaces you should check out this etsy!

Georgia, The Human says:

the amethyst necklace is so pretty

Katiee (: says:

Awe. i love them all <3

Lily Ybarra says:

They’re all beautiful

Megan Ashworth says:

omg sakia your famous…. you guys should totally check it out shes one of my closest bestest friends and shes amazing. she puts all of her effort into youtube and this store its her passion, so she would really appreciate it xxx

sophie leaa says:

i love you hannah<3

Saskia Henshall-Harris says:

The name is said how its spelled 🙂 What! There’s a store with my name :O this has got so cool to fast!! :O Saskia’s Sassy Store………*dies*

Hannah Rose says:

You look so pretty in this video ♡

Niamh Lennie says:

gah i love crystal necklaces, my favorite stone is amethyst and i have a gorgeous one from my nan;3 i think they’re the best

Leticia Lua says:

I’m kind of shy (even though on camera/my videos I’m not HAH) so I haven’t commented much but I had to- you are so f*cking gorgeous and down to earth I love watching your videos. This one specifically was right up my alley. Thanks girl.

Tessarr says:


RedSkeletonKeys says:

i hear you Hannah (dyslexic aswell) xD

Kelly Hitchcock says:

They’re all beautiful x

Dana Reynolds says:

They’re so unique and prettyyyyyy

Mia KS says:

Oh lovely. Once I get paid I’ll head over to her shop. They’re so nice *-*

Kristalyn McGahan says:


Thea Reeder says:

Love youuu.

UsagiWhiteNight says:

What starsign are you? 🙂

Shrek Shruk says:

Are you into crystal healing? 🙂

wonderland says:

what eyeliner do you use it looks amazing

Tiffany Christine says:

love this! can u check out my new vid?

Charlotte Jones Acting says:

They’re really pretty 🙂

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