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Kush S says:

do you still have your necklace?

Corvertbibby says:

Warning for those looking to buy from these guys… I bought a necklace on 2/11/13 with express shipping. After a week they placed and shipped my order, but they didn’t include the tracking I paid for. When I contacted them, they said it was an error on their part and to wait another week. I gave them extra time before contacting them again, not counting weekends. I contacted them and got a reply on 3/6/2013 saying they will refund me. Lets see if I get a refund in time for next Valentines day.

MorganBishopp says:

@brownbarbie786 I got the Carrie style on a 16 in chain. 🙂

sara lee says:

and what inch is ur necklace??

MorganBishopp says:

I think I would probably go ahead and have it doubled, that way it ensures you that it won’t bend.

Jessalee C says:

my name is jessalee, would it look silly, cause my name is 8 letters?
Also do you need to specify that you want you name in capitals or lowercase or first letter upper case and the rest lower case?
thankyouu xx

Isaac Kimber says:

DId it change color ?

Lucille Alvarez82 says:

I get mine hopefully tomorrow!

Elisabeth - MissEllolisoss - says:

I have one tooo<3<3<3

MorganBishopp says:

If you have a longer name I would definitely say get it doubled!

MorganBishopp says:

@elleoenigma Lol, that is weird, I didn’t know we were either! I know! I have been wanting a name necklace, so I was excited when I found out about them!

sara lee says:

which kind did u get?? i want the one u have.. what style is it??

MorganBishopp says:

That’s weird. I know of friends that have used them and they got their necklace without a problem. This was all a little over a year ago, so I don’t know if they had a change in their company or what. I hope it gets resolved for you. 🙁

Vanessa Cruz says:

Does the chain pull on your hair?

Kinga Buzás says:

You look like Rachel McAdams 🙂

Alexandra R says:

you can email them back using the email adress that sent you your confirmation

Dway Berry says:

Were do u get it at

symmetricalastic says:

I just ordered one of these but it has a heart on the bottom with my birthstone which is the diamond. Of course that is too expensive though so it is just a clear crystal in the heart.

MorganBishopp says:

@suppastar101 I miss you more! 🙁

MorganBishopp says:

I do! 🙂

Ramandeep Kaur says:

is this chain 16 inch or 18 inch? it looks 18 inch for some reason! 

Christine Marie says:

morgan. you are so blonde and so tan.
i sooo miss you.

MissGlamBAM says:

I didn’t even know about your channel (even though we’re friends on here…? haha weird, I don’t remember doing that!) before I started reading your tweets just now and wanted to stop by your channel.. then I saw this video and think it’s the coolest thing ever! My name’s Elle so there’s never going to be anything with my name on it haha so I’ll definitely have to check this one out

MorganBishopp says:

Really?? What kind of metal did you get yours in?

Kendra Huettmeyer says:

thanks for the coupon code! I watched your review right before my purchase.

Queendaloo3a says:

How come they never sent me mine?!

DeeManBro11 says:

Is yours double strength or no? If not, would you get double thick next time?

Corvertbibby says:

Yes, cannot remember exactly how long the refund took but I did get one.

bleuciel12 says:

I got mine in a silver monogram, but after a few monts itturned a bit black. And I can’t clean it properly to be as it was brand new. The necklace still looks fine, but the pandant looks off. I wouldn’t get them in silver, to be totally honest, only gold plated or better yet solid gold. It’s really not worth getting the silver when you can use it in proper shape for only a few months.

Popped says:

u can get color fo 17.95

KnightsofEmerald says:

Price range is 30$ to 260$

Leanne Whittington says:

they have for uk customersx

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