No More Bulky Chains! ($800 18k Gold Necklace Review)


The Anonymous says:

Answer the question kid,do you still got the 14k rope chain for sell ?

YbnTay Graal says:


Dome Lyfe says:

I unsubscribed jerk off

protrudingears2 says:

I have necklace with a medal like this! 🙂

ILoveGlue says:

what website did he say he went on?

East DallasKick's says:

Oooh i likes

nc bikelife says:

Glad to see you didnt quit thanks

yuandi xiao says:

U should fade ur hair yo

Roel Ruiz says:

That’s whats up. Gotta Invest Into Your Self Esteem as Well.

Danny Brooks says:

To me you don’t look happy about it bro lol

Joe Phillips says:

well I’m going to need a 12 pack of tide pods now

WTR 9991600 says:

Yo can I buy stuff off u

Marcos M says:

Is it just me or does he wear this same shirt every single day

bert P says:

Not impressed

Juan Leon says:

Ay bro nice chains, keep grinding fuck the haters.

Dj VENZON says:

I saw the same necklace but without the cross that cost $600 but because it was black Friday they were selling it for $135 ( wanna save on jewelry I say purchase on black Friday )

Chrizwestfield says:

That 18k Hairline

MIKEY [Producer] says:

Can you give away gold?

switcheezy says:

Adrian! Bro I’m so happy you made the switch to the smaller chains and pendants! It looks so dope now that you wear chains that goes well with your body frame! And that cross pendant is always a nice clean choice. Big ups bro. Fuck. The haters keep doing your thing.

Armando Cruz says:

Ey bro, did you get your eBay $ back from that scam? I just bought a solid gold 14k figaro chain 7mm 22” for 600 that’s damn good. Let’s see what happens. Oh and is yellow n white gold. Hopefully you did n you should expose that scum seller.

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