Review : My Name Necklace

Review : My Name Necklace


ryleey xo says:

I got mine 4 xmas

justmelyd says:

i love how you love how it’s silver!!!!! you say it like.. 7 times!!

Estera Maria says:

@jaafariaamer When your ordering it, you put what word you would like for the necklace. (: Thats why i want to get one too, because my name is unique, so i can’t get one anywhere else!

theblondebrunette101 says:

Don’t wear it with the silver shirt. I coudn’t see it!!

melissaxvogue says:

@MyLifeAsMelissa It’s not euro, its Sterling. If you want Dollars change it to .com

lisa ruby says:

@melissaxvogue umm d0 they hve G0LD?

laumet london says:

is that a new bedroom

KelsAndKayShow says:

My dad is making me one so i don’t have to pay for it(:

val pal says:

Okay Melissa I love our videos but this channel is almost all about advertisement

Shahla Dul says:

I got a gold necklace about a year ago.
I think the silver is pretty too, now i want to buy it ): !
My gold necklace broke! this is how it broke ._. :-
Kai|tlyn <--- as you can see the | is in middle of the name. so it broke like that :/

ryleey xo says:

I just tried to buy 1 and ur coupon expired!!!

Mario Ruben says:

Hey Mell i love your vids
Kisses big

Karina Prust says:

how old are you?

BlueBerryEyes12 says:

some PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME cuz my moms birthday is the 4th of July & I want to get her this how much is £19.99 some anyone please tell me , thz Melissa love u

Alexa Siminou says:

i designed 1!!!!!!!!! it’s awesome

payton faulkner says:

your videos are amazing

Zoe Isabella says:

you look soo pretty!

Marina Costa says:

@MissSweetPeaxox :O i dunno belive it!

Jessica says:

19.90? Real silver? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. bullshit.

Michelle Pham says:

@monkeytoes2010 : I know… Use THEJESSI

Marina Costa says:

how old are you? 10? 11?

bigazin1 says:

@Celestebff wow bud that was 7 months ago i didnt even remember that. I really dont give 2 fucks if u agree or not.

Val S says:

u should do a hair tutorial on curly hair or how ur hair is now! so prettty<3

Jenny Moreau says:

That necklace is lame.

BlueBerryEyes12 says:

@kaseyjenni11 it’s in us $

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