Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra Necklace Review!

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myladyash says:

Always a joy to watch your videos! I own the magic version of this necklace but now I am considering the smaller vintage one too lol


The onyx looks stunning on you. Congratulations. Watch out because this is just the start!!

fashion junky says:

Beautiful choice!! I am so excited that you got a VCA piece, they are my favourite jewelry brand! Your necklace looks gorgeous on you!! xoxo

Carol Pappas says:

Gorgeous!!! I agree about the packaging – too small and a peculiar color for jewelry.

LadySusan Jane says:

Would you buy the bracelet to match and stack with your other bangles?
Love these pieces x

Thi Le says:

Hi lady, do you mind if I ask how much is it, I checked on internet and it showed in US but without tax, so not sure how much coz I am in AUS and also does the sweet alhambra is much smaller compare to vintage ? thanks in advance

Olivia Mendoza says:

Beautiful! I love Jewerly, I would get the earrings. I do try to wear matching pieces but I also mix it up. Love your videos, thank you.

FashioNika says:

OMG the packaging is truly underwhelming ^^ I thought it would be something similar to Cartier. Lovely necklace though =)❤️

mtkaren says:

That looks SO good on you!! I LOVE it! Question: how long does it take them (and Cartier) to add length to their necklaces? We are going to Vegas in March and I am looking at a couple necklaces and would for sure want the extenders but would they have to ship it to me then?

Sylly says:

Thank you for the review, it is a stunning piece! This is very helpful for me – I am as fair as you, and had also been admiring the mother-of-pearl, but now I can see how much better the onyx is for a fair skin tone. I love it!

Leo Lion LV says:

Such a beautiful necklace sweetie! The black onyx with gold is so classic. I always point out the newscasters and a lady where we went to a Christmas party to hubby lol. Have a wonderful day! XOXO

lilysimply says:

The top cloth that is in the box is not the cleaning cloth. They have a black cleaning cloth that you should ask your SA for especially since you have the oynx where fingerprints do show more easily 🙂

YotaStyle says:

I have been looking at the red and the Mother of Pearl one, can’t decide but I appreciate you letting us know to ask for the extra chain length. I didn’t know to ask. I love your black piece! I am with you on the packaging, one would expect more than that and what in the world is up with that tiny polishing cloth?! Thanks for sharing and I think you should get the matching bracelet next if you don’t go for the earrings! YotaStyle

LuxuryBlisswithSusan says:

Beautiful necklace. You look like Amy Adams!

MariannD says:

It will be fun upgrading the storing and travel pouches for such a worthy piece. Trouble is…space issues of holding on to original packaging that is …let’s face it…cheap.

Kelly Kim says:

I personally prefer mother of pearl and I got one a while ago that’s limited and just came as a large pendant. Congrats looks great on you

ver n says:

Hi love your review. By the way, that black is not for the polishing. I have got a black one that’s with a ribbon tied. You should requet one from your SA. S/he should have include it when you purchase the piece.

Suzanne Hall says:

It’s absolutely beautiful! I have one of those on my wish list. Whether it will happen is another matter, but one has to have goals.
If you don’t want your chain to tangle I learned a really good trick from Miranda Frye’s vlog. You know those really tiny zip top plastic bags that you get spare buttons in when you buy a blazer or shirt? Use one of those and hold onto the pendant and lower the chain backwards into the bag and seal it up just short of the pendant so that the pendant is sticking out of the end, then put it back into the box with the bag behind the the velvet placard. Then always remove it by holding the pendant and slowly pulling it out and replace it the same way. Since I saw this video I have been storing all my pendants this way and they have never tangled again. It’s a really cool trick.

Sussex Country lady says:

I have many pieces of vca and all of the packaging is the same ,my last piece is the 3 motif earings to match my necklace , it is very addictive now you have started you will not be able to stop, beautiful pendant

Yi Yan says:

if u can do a Q&A with your hubby!!

Kat L says:

Sooooooo beautiful! I love the contrast of the black n gold ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Let's Get Luxe says:

I adore VCA! Your necklace is absolutely beautiful. And I’m glad you got the better case. It’s much nicer.

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