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This video is about 5 Ways To Wear A Chanel Brooch | DreLux TV This video is about the 5 Ways To Wear A Chanel Brooch. I love my new Chanel brooch, which took me some time to finally pull the trigger and purchase. I was asked by a Subbie Priscilla Vermiglio to show how […]

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The coolest blog ever: http://www.urbanbeardsman.com https://www.instagram.com/urban_beardsman http://www.twitter.com/ubmag Carlos gets plenty of questions about the jewelry he wears, and in today’s episode, he’s here to talk about the hardware he sports. He’s a fan of keeping it simple – Carlos wears one type of metal to keep things uniform. His personal preference is silver, and he […]

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In this video I share 10 different ways to wear a designer brooch to make your outfit look more expensive.. My Chanel brooch changes a simple non designer item into a very expensive looking item .. I hope this video inspires you to try wearing your brooch in different ways.. Thank you so much for […]

Thank you so much for watching My most worn jewellery is all in this video, most of it is from Cartier, Maria Tash, Dior, Van Cleef, Louis Vuitton, etc… There is a lot of costume jewellery, and some of it is gold, yellow gold. Let me know what you think. _________________________________________________________________ STUFF I WEAR EVERY […]

Why Meghan Markle was the only royal not to wear a brooch at the RAF centenary service. But royal watchers have noticed that new addition, Meghan Markle, was the only member of the family to not wear a brooch as the Duchess of Sussex attended a special service at Westminster Abbey to mark 100 years […]

Hello lovelies, todays video is how to wear a vintage brooch. I wanted to show you all of the ways you can wear vintage brooches to add a unique and vintage touch to any outfit. Let me know how you like to style your vintage brooches in the comments below. Blog: www.laurajaneatelier.com Instagram: @laurajaneatelier

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In this article and video, I wanted to discuss the 21 thing men should never wear. These are the things that curl your grandmother’s toenails and are huge men’s fashion faux pas and major style don’ts. Please, whatever you do, stop wearing this and check out my wardrobe essentials and my men’s clothing fit guides! […]

Groove Rings is #GIRLVERFIED, and we love it. Here is the review. Check out our Editor-in-Cheif as she puts her spin (of course) on her experience with Groove Rings. Get Groove Rings here: http://amzn.to/2xYr6jp Read the full article here:

5 Things you need to STOP wearing now! ● INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY – http://goo.gl/jmK8if ● Subscribe to Alex Costa – https://goo.gl/RQdFEH ● Facebook – http://goo.gl/BYNdnw ● Twitter – https://goo.gl/ML7aaw ● Snapchat – xmadeinbrazil Question for you: What do you think men should never wear? If you wear any of the items on my list, it might […]

Hi Beauties! In today’s video I’m sharing why I wear a fake diamond wedding ring. JEULIA JEWELRY WEBSITE: https://www.jeulia.com Jeulia Bead Design Double Halo Round Cut Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring: https://goo.gl/Bhn85r JEULIA JEWELRY INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jeuliajewelry/ BUSINESS INQUIRIES & MAILING ADDRESS: If you are a company who would like me to review some of your […]

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today i’m sharing different ways to accessorize with brooches. BLOG | https://www.styleatacertainage.com/ EMAIL Subscription | http://bit.ly/2ic8svd collect vintage pins or brooches. select a theme. i love angels and arrows and am always on the lookout for a new one. there are lots of different sizes to choose from big to small. also look for silver […]

Hello Beautiful People! I recently made my first boutique purchase at Chanel! I was lucky enough to find the most perfect Chanel brooch made with light champagne gold hardware woven with lambskin leather. It was very important to me that there were no stones or embellishments to it, because I’ve heard they end up falling […]

How to Wear a Brooch With Style. Part of the series: Fashion Tips. Wearing a broach is one thing – wearing a broach with style is quite another. Learn how to wear a broach with style with help from a professional image consultant in this free video clip. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_12185950_wear-broach-style.html

Earrings are for those losers who have no confidence!!! (Like me…) just playing, hope you guys enjoy the vid! Let me know why you guys think koreans wear earrings and if it looks good on them in the comments below 😀

This video covers the following topics: how to put on & wear a magnetic link bracelet; how to put on & wear a magnetic cuff bracelet; how to put on & wear a claspless magnetic bracelet. At BillyTheTree.com, we are often asked how to wear magnetic bracelets. In this video we will show you how […]

Brooches tend to get put into the “granny” style category when actually brooches are super cool – if you style them right! In this video I am sharing my styling tips for brooches and how to incorporate them into your personal style. What I’m Wearing: Jacket, Alice + Olivia Brooch, Chanel from Luxury Garage Sale […]